Can you mix Red and White Wine?

When it comes to winery, not everyone knows that there is a certain art behind it, that requires its own rules and knowledge. Drinking wine should be considered as a tasteful and elegant craft, that should be done properly and, in order to do that, you should know the wine that you would like to drink and how it is made. However, as every king of craftsmanship, it is not fixed, but it can be bended and changed, according to taste and preferences. For example, you can sometimes even mix different wines. 

Can you mix Red and White wine?

Even though there are different schools of thoughts about it, you should not worry: you can, in fact, mix red and white wines together, if you want to create something new and exciting. Some wine connoisseurs may tell you that it is wrong, and would explain to you how to drink red wine properly or not, but just because of some false myths, that surround the magical world of wine. For example, some people believe that mixing two different kind of wines, such as red and white wine, could cause you some stomach issues or it could lead you to become drunk faster. 

However, you should know that most of these myths are not true. In fact, not only you can mix different blends of wines, but many wine experts also tend to do it frequently, according to their necessities. Of course, you will not create a rosé wine or a different kind in this way, but it could still be tasty. You should take into consideration that maybe, mixing two different wines can lower the quality of a wine, so you could try this process with a low-budget wine and not high-quality wines, such as Amarone.

Can you mix Red and White Wine

Can you mix Red and White grapes to make wine?

The same thinking process that you may have about mixing different kind of wines, such as red and white wine together, may also apply to different kind of grapes, to make a new quality of wine. You should always remember, however, that this is not the process that is applied, in order to create rosé wine, which is made strictly with only red grapes. However, mixing red and white grapes not only is possible, but even more common that you could even imagine!

 In fact, most of the most loved and consumed wines are made exactly in this way, such as Champagne, that is commonly made up by Chardonnay, so white grapes, and red Pinot Noir, red grapes, since it will give more variety and colors to its flavors. One of the only things that you must consider, while mixing different varieties of grapes and wines, is that you cannot mix all of them as you want. Therefore, before mixing different grapes and wines, such as Bianco dei leoni or others, you should look up and educate yourself on the grapes’ characteristics, in order to find the ones that might suite better together or not.

Can you mix Red and White wine in cooking?

The same question arises often also in other circumstances, such as when it comes to wine for cooking and for a specific reason. Most people, in fact, often do not know how long does red wine last once opened and, when the wine loses all of its taste, the most suitable way to consume it, without tasting it, is using it for cooking. However, some doubts could be raised, whenever it could be right to mix different wines while cooking. The answer is very simple: it is possible. 

In fact, blending different wines for cooking could lead you to discover complex and colorful tastes, if mixed properly. You should know the wine characteristics, in order to understand better how different wines could mesh together and complement the food, but most importantly each other, without overshadowing. Despite the most common rules, like choosing a weaker or stronger wine that can be the base and then later adding on it, the important focus should be creating the right flavor that will complement the taste of the food: after this, you will be free to experiment as much as you want.