Pasquetta – Easter Monday in the cellar

On the monday after Easter, the 1st of April, our cellar will be open all day with guided tours and tastings of Classic Valpolicella wines. They are tours where while visiting the cellar you can taste wines such as Valpolicella, 100% Corvina, Raffaello, Amarone Grazie and Rita.

The tours will be at regular intervals, it is necessary to book by sending an email to in order to keep the groups small and once the number has arrived, the registration is closed. In the mail they ask for a reference name, the number of participants and a mobile number where you can contact you if necessary. The cost is 25 euro per person. An excellent tasting visit, when you arrive in the tasting room, you can buy the bottles tasted. The tour will be in italian, but we can agree a tour in english.

For those who want to stop for the weekend we also have rooms next the cellar!

Easter in the cellar

The Easter Sunday, the 9th of April, we will have a tasting scheduled at 10.30. While on the following Monday we will be open all day (reservation is necessary).

Palio del Recioto e dell’Amarone Event 2024

Palio del Recioto e dell'Amaron
Palio del Recioto e dell’Amarone

The Palio del Recioto e dell’Amarone is a food and wine event in Negrar on Easter and Easter Monday. There are many events on the program: food and wine stands in the streets of the town, amusement park for the children, painting exhibitions, vintage cars and much more.

In the streets of the town there will be the stands of various wineries that will present a preview of the Recioto of this vintage: a young wine, very sweet and fruity but still with an important alcohol content.


Palio del Recioto Grand Prix

The next Tuesday the Palio del Recioto Grand Prix takes place, which is a men’s road cycling race on the Valpolicella hills. It is part of the UCI Europe Tour calendar as a 1.2U class event, therefore open only to Under-23s. The meadows and vineyards of the Valpolicella hills are thus invaded by two-wheel enthusiasts.

Palio del Recioto 2024

REciotoPalio del Recioto 2024 will be in Negrar di Valpolicella the 31 of March and 1st of April, Easter and the monday and easter monday. Here the cellar who join the palio: Aldrighetti, Cà del Monte, Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, Castrum, Corte Merci, Corte Martini, Fla Tio, La Dama Vini, La Quena, Le Banchette, Le Bignele, Mizzon, Monte Pogno, Murari, Recchia Vini, Spada, Terre di Gnirega, Villa Crine.

In the street there will be the FOOD TRUCK GOURMET:

Arriva Pedro El Mexico, La Frittoria, Mitimangio, Pepi Dora, The Club Sandwich Jesolo, Truffle Truck, Van Gourmet.


Saturday the 30 of March 2024:  5-11.30pm

Sunday the 31 of March 2024: 10am – 11.30pm

Monday the 1st of April 2024: 10am to 10pm