Wedding in a Valpolicella cellar

For an informal but very suggestive ceremony, the cellar becomes the perfect location to organize your wedding in a country chic or shabby chic style. The country chic wedding and the shabby chic wedding mix in an elegant and refined way rustic and classic elements, creating a modern but at the same time traditional style. Country chic is currently a very popular theme in weddings and the ideal locations for a wedding in this style are usually old farmhouses immersed in the countryside, farms but above all, wineries in Valpolicella. It is also possible to make wedding present with our bottles of wine.


Winery Buffet
Winery Buffet

The cellars can offer, in addition to the wonderful location immersed in the countryside, all the particularities and characteristics of a winery, from the tasting of wines produced in the place, to the combination of the same with the dishes on the menu, without counting the “objects of the trade” that become real arrangements and decorations such as the barrels, the barriques and the rows of the vineyard. Once the location has been chosen, the choice of color palette, neutral and pastel inspired by the earth or strong and decisive inspired by its fruits, will contribute to creating the rustic but elegant atmosphere. The floral compositions will be combinations of simple and unconventional flowers with rougher details such as woods, ropes and jute or more refined such as the precious linen tablecloths and crockery. Our partners will have the perfect solution to turn your idea into your fairy tale.


Dinner in the cellar
Winery dinner

Wedding in the cellar: for an unforgettable day

The wine and its cellar will not only be the leitmotif and the location of this special day, but will also accompany the menu with tastings, combinations and unique creations. The winery offers specifically two locations, perfect for every need:

  • your wedding will be inaugurated outside, in the garden or between the rows of the vineyard right in the place where the wines of the Vogadori brothers are born;
  • inside, inside the cellar itself, in the soft and romantic atmosphere among the barrels, barriques and bottles.



At any time of the year, but especially in the spring and summer months, you can share another special guest with your family and friends: nature which becomes the subject of a unique setting in the background of your wedding.

Weddin in the cellar: why get married in Valpolciella?

A wedding in the cellar can only include a welcome toast for all guests, an aperitif served under the pergolas or among the rows of grapes and olives. From the setting up to the menu, we will take care of every detail to make your wedding in the cellar unforgettable. Furthermore, upon request, it will be possible to organize a stay in our rooms or a wine tasting. Come to visit our cellarto see how your wedding could look like.

Party in the cellar
Party in the cellar
Wines Aperitif
Aperitif in the winery vineyard
Tableau with the bottles
Tableau with the bottles