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The Valpolicella wines tasting and, of course, of the Amarone della Valpolicella will let you discover the flavors and aromas of wine, our cellar is the perfect place where to do: surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. You will be accompanied to fully appreciate and discover the wines of this land. In the tasting there will be five different wines including Amarone Forlago, our best wine, the sweet Recioto and our Extra virgin olive oil. You can reservate your experience via email writing a reference name, the number of participants, a mobile number and the time you prefer. We will confirm your booking.

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Amarone wine born by a mistake

Amarone della Valpolicella origin

As a major Amarone winery in one of the most important wine regions of Italy, the Fratelli Vogadori winery combines years of viticulture expertise with a passion for tradition and environmentally-friendly values. Their wines are spellbinding, complex and elegant. The Amarone winery owner hand selects and dries only the best grape bunches. After pressing, the precious liquid is fermented and aged until it is ready to pour from the bottle. From the grape to the glass, and then to the senses of the fortunate drinker.

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B&B in Valpolicella

Bed & breakfast Valpolicella and Wine Resort

The Fratelli Vogadori extends an invitation to enjoy a truly enchanting bed & breakfast Valpolicella experience in the rooms and apartments of their beautiful winery, relaxing among its vines, olive groves and cherry orchards. Enjoy a breathtaking view over the Valpolicella with the ancient, romantic city of Verona in the distance. A winery bed & breakfast experience like no other is guaranteed.

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Valpolicella wine region

The Valpolicella: the land of Amarone

Visit the Valpolicella and the Fratelli Vogadori Valpolicella winery with us. Walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Romans upon a rich and fertile land of classic Italian beauty with its stunning vistas, historical villas, and some of the most important wineries in Italy. A region with rich culinary traditions and many Italian grape varieties that flourish in its valleys. All here in the birthplace of Veronese wine for you to sample and savour at your leisure.

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