Valpolicella wine tasting

Wine can be enjoyed in many situations:  with friends or with the people you love, when you have to celebrate or when you have to relax! A guided wine tasting in Italy,  in the winery where the wine is produced, is an experience  you have to do at least once in your life.  In particular,  a Valpolicella wine tasting will be an unique experiece to understand the wines, the land, the way to taste the Amarone and the other wines!

Visit Valpolicella Winery

Our winery expertly organize a variety of different wine tasting experience and tastings of its selection of fine wines. Including the Amarone, to ensure the experience will remain one of wonder and enchantment. The visit of the cellar is like pouring into a glass, and savouring a concentration of the tradition and quality of the Valpolicella. The vines that produce these wines are in fact located in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica, in Negrar, a location rich in the fruits of the land, surrounded by grapes, olives and cherries. You will also have the chance to see for yourself the painstaking and meticulous process of producing truly excellent wine without chemical fertilisers, herbicides or Insecticides. Maximum respect for the environment is one of the Fratelli Vogadori winery’s abiding principles. Indulging yourself in one of our wine tastings is a truly unique and memorable way to embrace the history, culture and wine-making tradition of the Valpolicella.

Visita dei vigneti dell'Amarone
Visita dei vigneti
Visita guidata in Valpolicella
Visita Guidata Cantina

Valpolicella Wine and Amarone wine tasting

Few words are not enough to describe the visit, the tasting, the cellar or the wines. It is something to try. We are located on the Vigolo hill in a truly panoramic area, next the vineyards, olive and cherry trees. With a beautiful panorama of Valpolicella and  Verona in the background, a perfect atmosphere for a winetasting. We will try to explain our passion and love for the land and its fruits. Visiting the cellar while tasting the wines, with their explanations and the opportunity to see where the wines are produced is truly a unique experience.

In tasting there will be five wines: Valpolicella Classico, 100% Corvina Veronese, Raffaello Rosso Veronese, Amarone della Valpolicella Forlago and the sweet Recioto.

There is also the possibility to taste our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We offer two types of experience in the cellar, which can be done and booked at any time:

  1. guided winetasting (Amarone Experience);
  2. wineshop.


Guided WineTasting (Amarone Experience)

The guided winetasting (Amarone Experience) include five wines: starting with the most delic wine to the strongest! In the selection there are also our Amarone Grazie (our best wine), the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Grappa di Amarone (distilled from the lees of the Amarone production). It takes around an hour, we will guide you through the grape varieties and the wine production techniques in the comfort of our tasting room where you acan enjoy a beautiful view of the Valpolicella valley. Wine tasting in Italy has never been more inclusive and rewarding.

The reservation is recommended for the guided wine tasting and the cost is 25 euro.


The wineshop is open every day (in the weekend we suggest to reservate to avoid crowding). This is suggested for people who has already visited our cellar and this is not a tasting: it is suggested for people who already know the wine and know what to buy! For groups or buses it is necessary to agree on the time of the visit and how to do it!

Visita guidata Cantina Valpolicella
Visita guidata Cantina Valpolicella
Amarone Winetasting
Amarone winetasting in Valpolicella