Imagine the sensation of waking-up in ‘wine country’ without a care in the world, surrounded by the natural opulence and serenity of one of Italy’s most beautiful wine regions, bathed in the quality of light that has enraptured artists throughout the centuries, residing and relaxing close to the city of Verona, but immersed in the lush classically Italian greenery of vines, olive groves and cypress trees. A bed & breakfast Valpolicella experience promises all these things and more.

The chance to repose in the winery bed and breakfast this way is the Vogadori brothers’ delightful gift that will leave you thoroughly invigorated and at peace with the world. The market town and capital of the Valpolicella Negrar awaits those who venture beyond the winery either alone or accompanied by the ‘men -about -town’ knowledge of Alberto, Gaetano and Emanuele.

Bed and Breakfast Negrar di Valpolicella
BB Negrar di Valpolicella
Vigneti in Valpolicella
Vigneti in Valpolicella

A stay among the vines

If you are tired of the usual run-of -the mill bed and breakfast experience, the apartments and rooms of the Fratelli Vogadori winery will serve as a delightfully refreshing alternative.

Wine lovers can walk in the vineyard where theValpolicela wines are born. The Vigolo hillside offers beautiful views of the Negrar di Valpolicella valley which is ready to welcome you.

Our Wine Resort in Valpolicella

We have an apartment who can guest family or groups!

Bed and Breakfast in Valpolicella
Bed and Breakfast in Valpolicella

The apartment is equipped with:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Air conditioning (with independent heating and cooling)
  • Private bathroom

Our winery accommodation in the Valpolicella also has:

  • Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Parking available inside the property
  • Check-in: from 14.00 to 18.00
  • Check-out: 10.00am

Eating in the Winery

Wine & Food
Wine and Food

The apartment and the rooms have a kitchen where it is possible to cook your meal from breakfast to dinner.

  • Fratelli Vogadori Winery accommodation offers many more gastronomic opportunities in the Valpolicella and taste the true flavors of this area. We are close to different tipycal Trattoria where you can experienve the Valpolicella tipycal dishes with the local wines.
  • Lunch or dinner at trattorias and partner restaurants where the passion and love for our land translates into dishes that use only locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding countryside. It is possible to create menu where the local dishes are well paired with the Valpolicella wines.
  • For big groups it is possible to plan a wine and food experience in the cellar..

Wine Team Building at The Winery

The winery has become a successful, green and friendly alternative to many outdoor motivational activities. To reinforce your team’s spirit, create bonds and foster successful leadership, why not try our wine teamwork and leadership activities?

Each company is welcome to propose or organize its own personalized and tailor-made wine team-building experience, but if you are looking for an idea for corporate meetings for example, you can indulge in a guided Wine tasting for your clients with your company at the helm, or create bonds with your colleagues, working together in a ‘Grape picking experience’, all together, rolling up your sleeves and ‘getting your hands dirty’, picking the grapes.

A fun, constructive and memorable experience for you and your staff

Original ideas which can place you or your business at the center of this beautiful winery.

Our winery also serves as a splendid backdrop for press conferences, fashion shows, Parties and weddings and as a suggestive location for all your guests. Offering to lovers or Wine enthusiasts, the chance to get closer to this world and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Wine team building in cantina
Wine team building in cantina
Matrimonio in Cantina
Matrimonio in Cantina

Weddings in the Cellar

Along with the bride and groom, the other protagonist of weddings in our winery is the wine itself. From its presence on the celebration table, to the location overlooking the vineyards and olive groves of the Valpolicella, to toast the start of a wonderful new chapter.

Where our wine is born, your union will be born. Right here in the vineyards of the valley. As you raise a glass and celebrate your special day, You and Your wedding guests will enjoy a beathtaking view of Verona and the Negrar valley and will, at the same time, savor the great joy and conviviality that The Fratelli Vogadori wine range brings.