• Magnalonga della Valpolicella 2018

    Sunday,the 29th of April  there will be the 21st Magnalonga della Valpolicella in Pedemonte, a small village of San Pietro in Cariano. It is an enogastronomic walkl in the landscape of vineyards and Valpolicella hills with the local food and the typical wines.

    There are various stop on a path of about 8-9 km, each stop has a Magnalonga  dish paired with a Valpolicella wine. The meeting will be in Piazza Donatori di Sangue, near Aido park. Antonio the jester will be available for children and adults waiting to leave: it is indeed tradition to mark the departures with the firing of an old cannon.

    Here are the stop with dishes and wines:

    1st stage – Cantina Tommasi Viticoltori
    Savory croissants stuffed with ham (for the reduced: salted croissants stuffed with Nutella)
    Valpolicella DOC

    2nd stage – Villa Lebrecht
    Savory and mixed salami cake
    Valpolicella DOC

    3rd stage – Villa Rubinelli
    Pasta with duck sauce
    Valpolicella Ripasso

    4th stage – Salumificio Valpolicella
    Sorbetto al  Recioto of Gelato Cupido (alternative non-alcoholic sorbetto)

    5th stage – Mercato Cerasicolo
    Overcooked with red wine with vegetables (for the reduced cutlet with potatoes)
    Amarone della Valpolicella

    6th guest stage – Corte Lenguin
    Monte Veronese seasoned and young Monte Veronese.
    Cherry jam. Breadstick.
    Sparkling white

    7th stage – Piazza Donatori di sangue
    Magnalonga Dessert
    Ticket collection for the Recioto Classico glass at the stands of companies in the square

    8th stage – Piazza Pedemonte
    Coffee and music

    Visit the cellar!

    Percorso Magnalonga
    Percorso Magnalonga
    Magnalonga Valpolicella 2018
  • Party in the cellar

    Birthday, anniversary, degree, retirement, company dinner...

    Party in the cellar

    There are moments in your life that must be celebrated in the best way  to remember! 

    The birthday, the anniversary, the degree, the company dinner or retirement are important moments of our life and it is right to dedicate a party different from the usual, more sought after.

    Our cellar is a relaxing place where to celebrate your event. The tasting room and the amazing panorama create a perfect atmosphere there the guests can really enjoy the moment. The catering can customize the menu with rich buffet of appetizers, cheeses, salami and typical local dishes. It is certainly a new way to live an important date and be sure that it stays in the memory of your guests.

  • DeVerona Wine Club

    Massimiliano, 30 years of experience in shipping, as owner and Ceo of Veronasped company, worldwide shipping company for wine and food, and Alessandro, 17 years of experience like wine and food tour operator manager and Ceo of Italian Wine Roots, decided to create a new visionwith the idea that customers must have a full experience to go back with a “little Italy” with them!

    From touristic informations, wine tasting at Wine Club, online shop for food and wine, wine tours and transfer services, and worldwide shipping, you can have at disposal their passion to help you!

    Which products? Artisanal wines of small wineries of Valpolicella and Tuscany, the great italian extravergin olive oil, craft beers of the area, italian pasta and original Bellini, chocolate sweets, the great veronese rice, to end with biological italian coffee and italian coffee mechanic machines!