How long does red wine last opened

The Pleasures of everyday life can be simple things, such as a nice walk or a glass of your favorite wine. However, it is not easy, especially if you are on your own, to use an entire bottle of wine in a few days, with the risk of waiting too long and ruining the taste of it. In this case, you should know the wine that you have in your own home and how long it should be lasting, while opened. Unfortunately, there are different time periods for every different kind of wine, so you should be careful of the wine characteristics, in order to store it and use it properly.

How Long Does Red Wine Last?

Red wines can last a few days more, in contrast to other wines that can be commonly used. In fact, red wines, especially if stored properly, in a cool and dark space with its cork, can last from three to five days. However, this can depend on a small factor: the presence and quantity of tannins in the wine. In fact, the more wine and acidity the wine has, the longer you can store it, once opened, and drink it.


So, for example, a wine with fewer tannins cannot last long, while others can have more longevity and can be stored for a longer amount of time. So, if you want to store your favorite wine, such as an Amarone della Valpolicella Classico or many others, after opening it, you should understand its characteristics, before storing it properly. You should also remember to put the bottle in the right environment, such as in a cool and dark space, with a not too high temperature, with the cork on it.

Come aprire una bottiglia di vino
Uncorking a bottle of red wine

How Long Does white Wine Last?

As you may already have learned, not all kinds of wines can be stored in the same way properly and, most importantly, not all wines can be drunk, after being opened, in a certain amount of days. In fact, white wines are usually stored differently than red wines, since they need a lower temperature than the first ones, and that is because most of the time, white wines have to be stored in the refrigerator, in order to last longer and taste better, after being opened.


In particular, white wines, like Bianco dei Leoni if stored properly and with the cork on it, can last up to five or seven days. You will be able to notice, when the wine will no longer be fit to drink, simply by tasting it, because the wine will start to oxidize, with the days passing, and it will also lose the vibrancy of its taste more and more.

How long does rosé wine last opened?

Rosé wine is a very peculiar kind of wine, since it finds itself in the middle between red and white wines, which are most common and known. However, rosé wines have quickly, but steadily have taken the heart of wine lovers, because of its unique taste. Therefore, it is useful to know how to properly store rosé wine and, at the same time, how long it can last, after being opened.

In most cases, rosé wines like the Molinara Rosato, can be stored in a similar way than white wines: in a cold environment, such as the refrigerator, at a precise temperature, and, of course, with its cork on. In this way, rosé wines can last up to three to five days.


In the same way as white wines, rosé wines are very easy to understand, so that you can easily recognize if the taste has been ruined or not, simply by tasting if the process of the oxidation is going on and if the taste has lost its vibrancy, or not.

How long does sparkling wine last opened?

Sparkling wine is the most important wine that you have to learn how to manage, because of its fizzy nature. In fact, a sparkling wine, such as Brut Sparkling Wine is very difficult to manage and store properly, once it has been opened. It has to be kept in the refrigerator, with its cork on, so that it can last one to three days, maybe a little bit fizzled out, but still very tasteful.

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