Can you freeze wine?

A glass of wine, once in a while, can be a simple, yet wonderful pleasure, especially in the evening, after a tiring day. However, sometimes it is not simple to use all of your bottle of wine, after you have opened it, because of personal issues or simple lack of time. But it is not easy to know how to store wine properly and not everyone remembers by heart how long does red wine last once opened. That is why there is a recurring question among wine lovers: ‘can you freeze wine?’.

Can you freeze wine? Yes, that’s how

Although sometimes it can look unconventional, there is some good news: you can freeze every kind of wine, from red to white wine. However, you should know a few things before freezing your wine leftovers. First of all, you should know that it is not the most preferable option, since the wine can lose some qualities and characteristics, so the taste or the scent could change. However, this does not mean that there are no useful purposes for wines that have been frozen. On the contrary, there are many different ways in which you can use frozen wine.


There are different methods that can be used, in order to freeze wine, but one of them is definitely the most efficient of them, whetever you will use it to cook or to make some cocktails, later on. The most useful one is by using ice cube trays and pouring a little bit of wine in each small compartment, and then storing it in the freezer. This method will help you store your wine and use the amount that you would like to use, whenever you want, without the obligation of freezing it and using it all in one go.

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Wine for Cooking: Uses

Wine is not used only for drinking, on its own or in some cocktails, but can also be used to cook and enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes, all in a simple step. Especially if you have some leftover wine, may it be red or white, that you have frozen, this might be a very useful way to employ it wisely. In fact, there are various and tasteful methods to use wine for cooking in your everyday life.


For example, in general white wines are used mostly to enhance the flavor of dishes such as fishes, soups, vegetables and white meats. In this case, you should prefer a white wine that is a little bit sweeter, since the process of cooking and evaporation bring more focus to the acid tones of the wine itself. If you instead prefer red, richer meats, you should use, consequently, a red wine, such as an Amarone della Valpolicella Classico or many others.

Can you drink white wine that has been frozen?

Now that any kind of doubt around freezing wine has been cleared, there is still one thing that can create some questions: if you should be drinking wine, red or white, that has been frozen. The answer is yes, especially if it hasn’t been frozen for a while. However, you should be aware that the wine itself will not have the same taste, as it has been just thawed. In fact, the wine will lose some of its more of its qualities and, because of this, it should be better to not freeze good quality wines, like Bianco dei Leoni or similar kinds. Temperature for wines can be very important and a sudden change of it, especially for the wrong type of wine, can be detrimental to the chemical structure or the taste of the wine itself.


There are some cases, where you can still drink your white wine, after you have frozen it and defrost it, like in cocktails, because the flavor and the losing of the other qualities can be balanced out. However, it is preferable to use frozen white wine for other purposes, such as cooking. In this last case, the wine can serve its purpose more, helping balance out the flavors in the food and enhancing the taste of it, without ruining it or covering the flavor too much.


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