Best Rosé Wines

You can find quality wines everywhere you turn around and in every single category, such as for red wines, white wines, dry ones and many others. However, there is one peculiar kind of wine that has become a favorite of the public: the rosé wine. With its organoleptic characteristics, which make it so unique and amazing at the taste, the rosé wine has conquered a spot in everyone’s heart. In fact, you can clearly see it by the rise in sales in the last few years, with more and more people buying it, even from abroad, just to get a small sip of the amazing product.

Best Rosé WinesBest Rosé Wine: Molinato Rosato!

When it comes to Rosé wines, there are many examples on the market of amazing rosé wines, from many different wineries. But, one of the best wines, especially when it comes to rosé, has got to be the Molinato Rosato. In fact, the Molinato Rosato is a refined rosé wine in the Vogadori winery, made with 100% Molinara wines that is the perfect blend of taste for your buds.

Once you will have taken a little sip of this amazing wine, you will surely understand why it has become so incredibly famous and you will want to purchase it, in order to taste it every time on the table with your friends and loved ones. Thanks to its bright color and the blend of refined taste, you will be completely swayed by this bottle of wine and will instantly become a lover of this wine.

Molinara Rosato: features

As it has been mentioned before, the Molinara Wine has been made with 100% Molinara grapes, using the same exact process of vinification that has been used for centuries for the Valpolicella wines. In particular, the vinification process has been produced using only the must of the grapes, without the external part of the fruit. This is one of the secrets of its bright rosé color, which makes it so unique to the eye and the taste.

Because of its incredible frizzy and fruity taste, the aging process has to be conducted accordingly, by using in steel tanks and synthetic corks, that will enhance the flavors of the wine, without making it too strong. In this way, the wine will keep its frizziness and light fruity taste, that you will be able to fully appreciate on its own or with a refined dish in front of you.

Best Rosé Wines: organoleptic test

The taste of this amazing bottle of wine is not easy to explain, because of its delicate and various notes, which makes it so special to taste. The texture itself of the wine is very soft, making it very delicious to taste, but also very fresh and light. However, we are not talking about a simple wine itself: in fact, it has also a very spicy aroma, with a slight undertone of acidity that will surprise your taste buds.

The smell of this wine is also a very important characteristic, which should not be left our because of its special quality. In fact, once you will open up the cork of this peculiar bottle of wine, you will smell an intense and fragrant perfume, which will have both notes of floral and fruity aromas. It is a very persistent perfume, which will make it perfect to taste with fish dishes, delicate recipes and soups, but also aperitifs.

Good Rosé wines and production areas

Good Italian wines can derive their fortune from many different things, but the most important aspect that makes Italian wines so good, especially the rosé wines, are their production areas and the countless benefits that they bring. In fact, they create a blend of many different notes and aspects to the wine, that cannot be replicated by any other area.

In particular, the Molinato Rosato has been made in the NEGRAR area, which is a historic place, where all the famous blends of Classic and Historical Valpolicella wines are made. Thanks to the great characteristics of the soil of this ground and the antique methods, used in order to produce the wine, we can have on our tables these refined wine rosé bottles.

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