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Drinking a tasty and rich red italian wine in company is always a pleasure, it doesn’t matter which occasion is occurring or which kind of meal you are enjoying together. However, as you might already know, pairing the perfect wine with the perfect dish can help you experience a flavorful explosion of taste. Let’s see the best pairings that can be done.


Best wine for eating: Bianco dei Leoni and Raffaello Rosso Veronese


Whenever you gather around a tasteful and rich meal with your friends, family or loved ones, finding the best wine to pair with your dishes and surprise them can become a difficult task. Of course, this choice depends on a lot of factors, but most importantly, on which food you’re consuming. For example, if you are eating something light, such as delicate pasta dishes, freshwater fish, vegetables and fresh cheeses, the best wine will be a white Italian wine like Bianco dei Leoni .

This wine is made by Garganega grapes with a fermentation with natural yeasts in controlled temperature in steel tanks for 10 days, which results in a clear and elegant aroma, with a juicy and tart vegetal note.


Instead, if you prefer a bright and full-bodied red wine, to pair with dishes such as spicy cheese, gorgonzola, game or red meat, then your choice must be the Raffaello Rosso Veronese .

This wine is prepared with a mixture of dried grapes, like Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara. This wine presents a tasteful fruit taste, with hints of cherry, black cherry and dried flowers, that sits on the palate gracefully and persistently.


If you’re looking for the perfect option for your meals, in order to leave your loved ones without any words and enjoy fully your meals together, these two wines can perfectly be the right options for you to follow. Thank to their flavorful tastes, your meals will reach a higher level of quality.

Italian wines

Best red wine to celebrate: Amarone Grazie


Sometimes we decide to gather with all our loved ones and celebrate our biggest achievements or simply to celebrate a beautiful occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries and many other. However, which red wine could be the best solution to highlight these eventful moments and, most importantly, our dishes? Well, if you are looking for the best red wine to celebrate an occasion, you can turn to Amarone Grazie.


This beautiful and full-bodied red wine is made with a great combination of dried grapes, like corvina (70%), corvinone, rondinella, oseleta and negrara. After a very thoughtful and controlled aging process, which lasts 48 months in french oak barrels, this deep ruby red wine will warm your palate. Its persistent but fruity and flavorful aroma will be the perfect fit for your celebrations, highlighting your achievements with its tasteful notes.


Best rosé wine for aperitif: Molinara Rosato – Vino Rosato


The aperitif, especially in Italy, is not just a quick meal to enjoy in sweet company, but it is a true lifestyle. Therefore, you should choose the best wine that could perfectly fit with your snacks and dishes, in order to fully immerse into the Italian spirit. In this case, the best solution is a rosé wine, in particular a Molinara Rosato .

As its name recalls, this rosé wine is made with the best Molinara grapes, which gives it a soft, but very fresh and spicy taste, with a bitter note in the final moment. Thanks to its floral and fruity aroma, the Molinara becomes the perfect wine to pair with delicate dishes, such as soups, fishes and, of course, appetizers. So, if you are hosting a refined and quick aperitif with your friends, this is definitely the right bottle to pick.


Best italian red wine: Amarone della Valpolicella


However, despite every single note and research that you may do online, among the many different delicious Italian wines that you may stumble upon, only one red wine can stand as the best one to serve on the table: the Amarone della Valpolicella .

Its incredible and super flavorful taste, with its bright red ruby color, will highlight every note of your meal, but it can also sit on its own, on your palate, thanks to its unique taste, warm and spicy, with aromas of raisins, cherry, vanilla, tobacco and chocolate. It would be the perfect fit for every kind of meal, but it will shine brighter with dishes of game, braised meat, stews and cheeses. Once you will get a taste of it, you will certainly recognize its great potential.

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