How long does white wine last in the fridge?

It is true that there are many white and red wines types, all with different rules to follow, such as pairings, storing and even tasting them. In this way, it is true that a winery can sound like a hassle and too complicated to learn about. However, this could not be further away from the truth, since there are few basic rules, that can be applied everywhere. One of them is definitely how to store them and especially how long they can last while opened, in the fridge or elsewhere.


In fact, if you have a nice Bianco dei Leoni from last night that you want to store in your fridge, but don’t want to waste, you should definitely learn a thing or two about how to store a nice bottle of wine in the fridge and how long can last before you have to throw it away.

how long does white wine last in the fridge?

Of course, the quality wines may have or not, even when it comes to storing it in the fridge, different periods of ‘goodness’, according to many different levels and factors that they have. However, there is a general rule to follow, when choosing how long white wine should last in the fridge. For example, white wine can be stored in the fridge, once it has been opened, for three to five days, but it can also be saved for a little bit longer, if you close the bottle properly, even for more than a week.


The secret to making it last longer, even when it is already opened, is in the proper method to keep it, when you have first opened it, when you are using the bottle, and even where you put it in the fridge. White wine can be pretty delicate and because of this, you need to be aware of the most care that you may give to it, in order to make it last for a long time and still make it taste fine, even after a couple of days more of it open.

how long does unopened white wine last in the fridge?

The game will change of course, even on a long scale, if you have already opened your white wine or not, because having a wine pairing with a nice meal and not finishing or using a new brand bottle of wine, especially if you are talking about some high-quality Italian wines. First of all, it is vital to check the label on the bottle, so you could not perfectly, by the words of the winemakers, how long it can be stored. Secondly, white wine, although it has a shorter life span than red wines, can always last a long time, since there is no process of oxygenation and it is stored properly closed.


Another factor that can change the structure of the wine, even if it is opened, is the place where it has stored and the surrounding factors, such as temperatures, UV lights, and many others. Other than this, you have plenty of choices about where to store your wine and how: you can store it in the fridge, to keep it fresh, or, more properly, in a nice and dry cabinet.

how to store white wine?

At this point, after asking yourself if a white wine can last or how long does red wine last once opened, there is only one answer to know: how to store wine properly. First of all, you need to understand the basic rules of storing the wine, according to its colors. In fact, if red wine can and should be stored not in the fridge, but in a dry, closed space with no direct sunlight, white wine is better stored in a fresh space, such as the refrigerator.


However, another must-know rule about storing opened bottles of wine is to have a sealing cork, that can be reusable and, most importantly used as a way to close the bottle. The oxygenation process that goes on, when the wine comes into contact with the air, once the bottle is opened, can be damaging to the whole structure of the wine and, consequently, change its flavor and making it ruin even earlier. That is why you should always be equipped with one of these corks, so you would never have to throw away your favorite white or red wine, just because, not knowing this small secret, you didn’t store it properly.

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