Supermarket wine or wine in the wine shop?

Buying wine is not an easy topic to swallow, since there are many different rules in the world of wineries and wine connoisseurs that must be acknowledged, even before approaching to the wine itself. As a consequence, there are many different questions around this subject, such as if it’s right to buy wine in a supermarket or you should just skip all the beginners’ steps of wine aficionados and rely on a more expert place and go to a wine shop.


It is a tricky subject, but it is not as impossible as it seems. In fact, there are certain rules and factors that you may encounter, whenever choosing a wine and where to buy it.

Supermarket wine: pros and cons


Supermarket wine has become increasingly popular over the years. One advantage is the convenience it offers. With a wide selection available, consumers can easily find their preferred wine without going to a specialized liquor store. Supermarkets also often have discounted prices and promotions that can save customers money.


Another advantage is the accessibility of supermarket wine. It allows people in areas without nearby liquor stores to access a variety of wines. Moreover, supermarkets can provide information on food pairings and tasting notes, making it easier for customers to make informed choices.


However, there are also some downsides to buying wine from supermarkets. One major drawback is the lack of expertise and personalized recommendations. Unlike specialized wine merchants, supermarket staff may not have in-depth knowledge about the different types of wines. Additionally, the quality of the selection may not always be as high as in specialized stores, as supermarkets may prioritize quantity over quality.


Lastly, some people argue that purchasing wine from supermarkets discourages supporting local wineries and vineyards. Supermarket wine is often mass-produced, which can harm smaller, artisanal producers who focus on quality and uniqueness.


In conclusion, supermarket wine offers convenience, accessibility, and affordability. However, it lacks the expertise and personalized advice of specialized stores, and may not support smaller producers. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences and priorities when it comes to buying Italian wines

Wine in the wine shop: pros and cons

When it comes to buying quality wines, one of the options available is to visit a wine shop. This specialized store offers a wide selection of wines from different regions and vineyards, allowing customers to explore and discover new options. However, like everything else, there are pros and cons to this experience.


One advantage of visiting a wine shop is the knowledgeable staff. These individuals are often well-informed about the different wines and can provide recommendations based on a customer’s preferences. They can also answer questions and offer insight into the production and characteristics of the wines available.


Another benefit is the ability to see and touch the bottles. In a wine shop, customers can examine the labels, check the bottle’s condition, and even read reviews or descriptions provided. This allows for a more hands-on approach to choosing a wine, ensuring that it meets their requirements and expectations.


On the downside, visiting a wine shop often means limited availability. While many wine shops carry a good selection, they may not have every wine that a customer is looking for. The prices at a wine shop can also be a downside. As the shop incurs overhead costs such as rent, utilities, and staff salaries, the prices of the wines tend to be higher compared to other sources like online retailers or supermarkets.

Buy wine: priority to quality

Whenever you will find yourself buying a nice bottle, like a nice Amarone della valpolicella classico, it doesn’t truly matter where you buy it or you find it, but the important thing that only matters is to always get conscious about the quality of the wine. In fact, it is important to buy wine that you can be sure to have a great structure and taste. Even if it must be tempting to go in whatever supermarket that you find and buy the least expensive bottle of wine, you will regret it.


In fact, cheap or expensive, you should be first of all understand if the quality of that wine is up to certain standards, not only because a not decent wine can have a not so decent taste, but also because the wine itself might be bad for your health. Therefore, do not be afraid of spending a little bit more on your bottles of wines, because it can be a small investment that migt be more fruitful not only for your wallet, but also for your taste buds and overall health.


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