Valpolicella Olive Oil

Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Valpolicella Extra Vergin Olive Oil

Olio di Oliva Extravergine
Olio di Oliva






The Valpolicella enjoys a microclimate conducive both to the vines that the olive tree: We have about 62 plants so they produce the oil for the family andthe extra it is sold in the cellar. The olives are picked by hand and then brought to the mill where the oil is extracted mechanically and naturally.

Varieties are Favarol and Grigrano and features of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil are:

  • Aspect: Natural limpid.
  • Color: Green with golden highlights.
  • Flavor: Fruity, delicate with almond sweet fragrances.
  • Use: A raw vegetables, first and second courses.

Technical sheet

Here a small video on the olive harvest: