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Wines: red, white, rosè and more!

Wine is a product of the alcoholic fermentation of sugars contained in grapes and musts. It boasts a centuries-old history and has profoundly marked the economic situation of our country and many other territories in the world. Its origins go back to prehistoric times, so much so that it merges and merges with the history of humanity itself.

It is assumed that its discovery was accidental and due to the natural fermentation of the harvested grapes, which men placed in special containers. The evolution has been fast and progressive and over time various production techniques have been refined. In this way, a real culture of the sector has emerged, today followed and supported by millions of fans all over the world.

Vine: everything starts from the plant

Grapes are the fruit of the plant known as vitis vinifera (European life). It is from the vine that all the vines (i.e. grape varieties) that are used to produce wine derive. The grapes are the fruit of the vines, also called berries (or berries), of variable color and shape.

The vine has an annual vegetative cycle, so it allows one harvest per year (harvest). In our hemisphere this occurs approximately at the end of summer-beginning of November. The harvest year indicated on the bottles identifies the corresponding harvest year.

Types of Wines

Depending on the grapes used, different wines are produced. Each of them is characterized by different organoleptic properties, by production area, harvest, drying, vinification and aging.

The goodness and beauty of wine lies in its many variations and in the ability to “add a smile to friendship and a spark to love“.

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