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Sparkling Wine: brilliant with a very fine and persistent perlage

The term “bubbles” indicates different types of wine, to which they belong, different sparkling wines. This category includes sparkling wines, which include many different types of wine, including champagne. Sparkling wine is a wine characterized by effervescence, caused, upon opening the bottle, by the content of carbon dioxide. When a bottle of sparkling wine is opened, a natural froth develops, which is nothing more than the manifestation of its effervescence.

According to the EU definition, a sparkling wine must have an overpressure of not less than 3.5 bar at an ambient temperature of 20 °.

There are natural sparkling wines and gasified sparkling wines. The former are quality wines where carbon dioxide is formed in a completely natural way following fermentation. For the production of sparkling wines the most used method is called “classic”. It is a technique in which neutral grape varieties are used. With this term we mean vines that do not have a color tending clearly to white or red. They are both white and black grape varieties.

Gasified sparkling wines, on the other hand, are of mediocre quality and require carbon dioxide to be added subsequently, at low temperatures.

Sparkling wine: classification of the residual sugar

Sparkling wines can be classified according to their residual sugar, that is, according to the quantity of sugar present in the bottle. A valid classification also recognized by Italian law. They are then divided according to the amount of grams of sugar per liter:

  1. Extra Brut 0 – 6 g / l
  2. Brut 6 – 12 g / l
  3. Extra Dry 12 – 17 g / l
  4. Dry 17 – 32 g / l

The amount of residual sugar depends on the fermentation. During the fermentation process, the sugar is transformed into ethyl alcohol. The longer the fermentation period, the greater the amount of processed sugar. The longer the fermentation period, the more “dry” the sparkling wine will be. On the contrary, if the fermentation time is short, the sparkling wine will be more “sweet”. For example, the brut sparkling wine of the Fratelli Vogadori is evaluated as a “dry” wine, with a straw yellow color, brilliant, with a very fine and persistent perlage. Ideal as an aperitif wine, or to dine.

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