Food and Wine tourism: living a territory at 360°

In order to talk about food and wine tourism it is necessary, first of all, to know its meaning. Enogastronomy means the whole of enology and gastronomy referred to a specific territory. In other words it is the union between the many types of wine and the vast gastronomy of a certain area. Therefore, wine and food tourism wants to be a real and proper journey to discover a territory. Trying to know the lands also through food and wines typical of the area of destination.

Being able to know and appreciate the flavors of a place, in fact, leads the tourist to experience a cultural experience so deep that he or she can acquire a sense of the place visited. It is the same World Tourism Organization that emphasizes the importance and the close connection between tourism, culture and wine and food. Through this particular way of traveling and seeing the world it is possible to get in touch with the culture of the place one is visiting through an extremely involving experience under many points of view.

Knowing a territory through wine and food

The desire of getting to know deeply a territory and its culture, also passes through cooking, its flavors, its typical dishes and local wines. This is true for any part of the world and therefore also for the marvelous Valpolicella and its splendid valleys which host some of the most famous vineyards of Italy (such as the one of Fratelli Vogadori from which is produced a wonderful Amarone della Valpolicella wine).

For this reason have been created a series of enogastronomical experiences which involve the tourist under many aspects and which include many activities, such as:

  • discover and taste typical local dishes – typical of Valpolicella are for example: Beef Stew with Amarone, Amarone Risotto, Recioto Puff Pastries and Braised Horse Meat
  • have lunch or dinner in a restaurant which prepares unique local dishes – to be mentioned in this case Trattoria Porchetta and Ristorante Valpolicella of Zantedeschi family
  • walk in a local market or in an agricultural fairs – in Valpolicella, for example, takes place the famous Palio del Recioto e dell’Amarone
  • visit a winery, farm or fruit farm – wineries are open during the grape harvest, including Fratelli Vogadori‘s winery
  • participate in a gastronomic tour -like the renowned Magnalonga Settembrina in Negrar di Valpolicella
  • take part to cooking courses or lessons
  • visit a winery or walk along a wine road


Wine and food tourism
Wine and food tourism

Today the destinations which decided to focus on enogastronomical tourism are more and more. This is because enogastronomy highlights unique characteristics of places and of the people who live in them. It makes people know and rediscover ancient customs and traditions and tells the history of a specific people through the sense of taste.

Wine and food tourism in Italy

Talking about numbers at worldwide level, Italy plays a very important role in enogastronomical tourism. It is a country rich in varieties, strong territorial traditions and unique identity elements of the enogastronomical panorama. All these elements have always attracted tourists, both Italian and foreign. The demand has been gradually increasing during the years, according to the estimates released in the 2019 Food and Wine Tourism Report.

45% of Italian tourists in the last three years have made a trip with this motivation, an increase of 48% compared to the previous year. Demand is increasing and consequently so is supply. Italy, in terms of offer, has nothing to envy to the rest of the world, in fact, it can boast 825 food and wine products with Geographical Indication, 5,155 Traditional Food Products, 4 enogastronomical goods included in the list of tangible and intangible heritage of UNESCO, 2 UNESCO creative cities of enogastronomy.

In all of this the excellence of Valpolicella stands out: wine. A constant that has always shaped the fortunes of this land. A product which has marked its history, culture, traditions and economy. Present since the dawn of time, the vines and wine of the territory have always stood out for their high quality. The autochthonous vines and the particularity of the wines produced, such as Amarone della Valpolicella, Recioto della Valpolicella, or Corvina Veronese, have transformed the territory making it a treasure chest of precious treasures of inestimable taste and value

Wine resort :sleeping in the vineyard and tasting Amarone

In light of the great enogastronomical patrimony kept in Valpolicella, the territory has always done its best to offer the best possible solutions to make its tourists live unforgettable experiences. From hospitality, to enogastronomical tours, from theme fairs to visits of the most prestigious wineries, in Valpolicella it is possible to live the experience of the taste of wine at 360°.

For this reason wine resorts have been created in order to totally immerse in the world of wine and Amarone in particular. These are structures built inside of vineyards, where it is possible to wake up every morning surrounded by olive trees and famous vineyards. Particular B&B completely immersed in the relaxing countryside of Vigolo, which overlooks the magnificent view of Negrar di Valpolicella.


Enogatronomic tourism
Enogatronomic tourism

Wine resort experiences are not limited to hosting tourists for the night. In fact, they also offer the chance to taste local dishes directly in the winery’s cellars. The activities also give guests the possibility to organize special events such as weddings, business meetings, parties and fashion shows. Today the wine resort represents the apotheosis of the perfect Italian wine tourism.

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