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Statistics confirm it: wine is on the table of (almost) every Italian! ISTAT data show a reality made of record numbers which counts an annual production of more than 54.2 million hectoliters. All this corresponds to 7 billion and 200 million bottles. Impressive numbers! Italian wine is really doing great. As a matter of fact, it is appreciated not only in Italy and in the rest of Europe, but also in non-European markets, such as Asia and United States of America, with an export in strong growth in the last years. This substantial increase is also made possible by the new frontier of wine selling, that is the online one. Wine stores, in the last years, have been multiplying, enriching the web with prestigious stores where it is possible to buy unique Italian excellence, such as Amarone della Valpolicella, Recioto wine, or Corvina Veronese.

Italians are consuming more and more wine and they appreciate quality and refinement, not being satisfied with the scarce wines available in supermarkets. Online sales bring consumers closer to valuable local realities and make them discover flavors and aromas linked to the traditions of the various territories. A charm that has always fascinated even foreign users. Potential customers who see in Italian wines, all the romanticism and the passion of a land kissed by the sun and by abundance.

Easy, fast and convenient

What makes a wine shop a unique and inimitable experience? What drives a consumer and a wine lover to buy online? Today, beyond the particular situation experienced at global level because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the answer is to be found in many specific peculiarities. A Wine Shop, in order to be successful, to attract potential new customers and to retain the ones already acquired, must

  • be intuitive and have a clear and efficient purchasing process
  • must be able to give the right advices at the right time (with detailed and precise wine sheets)
  • have a secure and differentiated payment system
  • free shipping beyond a certain quantity or expense
  • a wide selection, or a targeted and elite selection (for real connoisseurs)
  • be always present and active on social networks (in order to let people know the latest news about the world of wine)
  • have excellent reviews
  • have constant and inviting offers and promotions


Wine Shop
Wine Shop

The set of all these characteristics makes it really easy for anyone to buy wine online by taking advantage of the potentialities of a wine shop. But a respectable online winery cannot be limited to this. So what makes the experience of buying a bottle of wine online really unique? The answer is to be found in the journey. Buying a bottle of wine, even online, means making a real and proper sensorial and cultural journey. It means learning to know the history that binds that wine to the land that produced it, to its people and to its origins. It means not to simply buy an alcoholic beverage to accompany a meal, but to turn a banal occasion of refreshment at the table into a journey of tasting, sharing and knowledge.

Wine Shop: Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto

Another factor in favor of wine shops and of the online purchase of wine bottles, is the huge variety to which they can be accessed. In a physical wine shop they do not always have what one is looking for, but internet can be very generous with its users and goes beyond every border, resetting distances. For this reason buying wine online also means experimenting and getting to know. Surfing the web it is possible to discover, or rediscover, local realities physically near to us, but in reality so far away because we are short-sighted in front of the evidence of what is around us.

Every territory in Italy has a very personal story to tell and this is also and above all true for the wonderful Valpolicella. Land of sweet slopes has always been very generous with its people, giving them unique climatic and soil conditions which are very favorable for the cultivation of vines and for the production of wine.

It is in fact thanks to these peculiarities that Valpolicella is the mother of some of the most appreciated Italian excellences in the world: Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto. Sublime products made known to the whole world thanks to their uniqueness and spread internationally through online sales and participation in world renowned events and wine fairs.

Wine shops are small, but fundamental pieces of a puzzle. A puzzle that made it possible to let everyone know about a truly unique local reality, whose history is strictly connected to wine. Online it is possible to know, before buying, the realities that gave life to these products, tasting the taste and the passion that contributed to the production of particularly lovable wines. Through internet, product sheets, comments, advices and the blog it is possible to learn the history of Vogadori winery which gave life to a product with a memorable essence.


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