Wine Fair: learn about wine and its world

Wine is an experiential and sensorial product. This means that the purchase of a bottle of wine is just the apex of a longer and more careful path made of tasting, sharing, knowledge and history. Deciding to buy a bottle of Amarone della Valpolicella, rather than a bottle of Recioto, or even a bottle of Passito Veneto of Garganega, means having followed a specific sensorial and cultural path in order to finally reach that specific choice. For this reason the wine business is having a great success both online and live. Especially the latter form, despite the advent of innovative technologies, is particularly appreciated by wine lovers, wine lovers, as well as wineries and wine producers. Prospects that are realized thanks to very famous national and international events. Wine fairs are an unmissable and irreplaceable annual appointment, which is really hard to do without.

In Italy are held many fairs and events related to wine and its world:

  • Vinitaly – Verona
  • Io bevo così – Milan
  • Vinoforum – Rome
  • Merano Wine Festival – Merano
  • Expo Chianti Classico

Successful events, which have been able to increase their prestige and notoriety year after year. Not only national events, but also international ones (in Europe and worldwide) have seen an increasing attention and have been visited by thousands of visitors:

  • Vinexpo – Paris
  • Millésime Bio – Montpellier
  • ProWein – Düsseldorf
  • London Wine Fair – London
  • Wine Prague – Prague
  • Vinexpo – New York
  • Vinitaly China Road Show – Shanghai
  • Wine and Gourmet Japan – Tokyo
  • International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show – San Francisco
  • ExpoVinis – Sao Paulo Brazil
Wine fair
Wine fair

Wine fair: Vinitaly 2021

With this article we would like to focus on a wine fair of indisputable success, probably the biggest and renowned wine fair held in Italy. The event has become so great and prestigious that it is getting a positive feedback at an international level. It is also the most ancient wine fair held in Italy. This international exhibition of wine and distillates is held every year in the city of Verona, since 1967.

It covers more than 95,000 square meters and has more than 4000 exhibitors. Visitors are increasing every year. It is estimated that they even reached an average of 150,000 visitors per year. The fair gathers producers, importers, distributors, restaurateurs, technicians, journalists and opinion leaders of the

sector. This year the event unfortunately will not be held because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The new edition will be held from April 10 to 13, 2022 and will count four days of great events: technical tastings, prestigious vertical tastings, walk around tastings, thematic areas and focus on the main markets.

This prestigious wine fair hosts every year more than 50 different thematic tastings of Italian and foreign wines. The program of the fair always includes many conferences in which are discussed the main subjects related to the demand and offer of the wine market. However there are not only conferences and expositive areas dedicated to wine producers. As a matter of fact, in the fair there are many workshops, buyers clubs and special exhibition areas, all aimed at promoting the Made in Italy.

Vinitaly also offers many international competitions and awards:

International Wine Competition
International Packaging Competition
the International Vinitaly Award
International Wine and Spirit Competition

Vinitaly is the wine fair ambassador of Italian wine in the world, through Vinitaly International which promotes and organizes events in the main international markets

ProWein 2021

Of all the fairs taking place in Europe instead, we decided to talk about the famous ProWein wine fair which is held every year in Düsseldorf. More recent than the previous Vinitaly, it was established in 1994 in Düsseldorf, in North Rhine-Westphalia. Usually the fair takes place during the first week of March, however this one, just like the previous event, will not take place this year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As opposed to Vinitaly, this event is mainly oriented to wine professionals. Therefore it is not open to simple wine lovers. It boasts a truly impeccable organization, in perfect German style. It counts more than 90,000 visitors from all over the world and it has become one of the most important exhibitions for wines, liquors and artisanal beverages. It hosts many professionals from different sectors:

  • Wine producers and traders
  • Producers and traders of liquors
  • Wholesale and retail food merchants
  • Importers and exporters
  • Mail order/online sellers
  • Associations
  • Organizations Related to the Subjects

Even in this case there are many seminars dedicated to the world of wine as well as special events and exhibitions. Very nice and interesting is the section “Organic Wines” which showcases and presents a wide range of first class organic wines from all over the world. Also of great value is the Forum ProWein section, as well as tastings and wine seminars organized by many exhibitors.



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