Wine and spirits: the selection of Fratelli Vogadori

It is always satisfying to open the wine that you have always stored with jealousy in your kitchen and finally let everybody know your experience and knowledge about Italian wines. However, there are many other nuances to discover in the world of wines, especially in front of a nice meal and one of this uncovered territory is the one of the spirits.


Spirits are a great way to spend some time with your friends at the end of the dinner, sipping on it while enjoying a laugh and, despite their heavier taste and strongness, they are also ideal as a digestive, helping you accommodate the entire meal and finishing it in great style. Once you have unraveled all the secrets of the spirits, you will become even more of a connoisseur in front of your friends. Luckily, Fratelli Vogadori has a wide selection of wine and spirits, just at your service.


Wine and spirits: Amarone della valpolicella classico and Grappa di Amarone Forlago

A spirit that you certainly won’t forget is the Grappa di Amarone Forlago, a pretigious one that has been produced only by the finest wine grapes and then aged for more than six years in refined french oak barrels, to give the most complex and expensive flavor. If you are looking for something different, then you should definitely try the Amarone Forlago: only the finest years of grapes can be selected to create such an intriguing spirit. It has a complex bouquet of notes of vanilla, cherries and chocolate, to give an interesting and sensational taste.


Finally, no exceptional spirit can be mentioned without the king of the Vogadori’s array of spirits, the Amarone della valpolicella classico, a delicious wine that is made up by more than five different kinds of grapes, for a unique and complex taste that will melt in your mouth in a firework explosion.


Italian wines: Recioto Della Valpolicella and Corvina Veronese

The classics are unbeatable, since there is a more than valid reason to why they are so well loved and Corvina Veronese is one perfect example. This wine, made by 100% of Corvina’s finest grapes, is a great classic of this winery, as they get selected by hand and then they are put to rest, in order to provide the best taste. This intense wine is only for the best palates, thanks to its cherry notes that explode in your mouth. You can try it while eating cheeses of any kind, from the spiciest to the sweetest on the table, but also with game and red meats.


Another unbeatable classic that you should have in your house, if you define yourself a real wine connoisseur is the Recioto Della Valpolicella, a perfect wine to drink with sweets like chocolate desserts, almond sweets and other dry desserts. Thanks to its marmallated and spirited taste, made even more complex by the notes of cherries, you will feel warm from even just a little sip.


Even though it is very well balanced, you will feel its intense taste on the palate, that will envelope and make you feel like a king. The producing process of this wine is made by a perfectly controlled series of steps, where more than five different types of grapes are inspected, produced and made aging, only to provide the best of the best.


wines and spirits: Raffaello Rosso Veronese and Grappa di Amarone Barricata


A great spirit that the Fratelli Vogadori winery can boast is definitely the Grappa di Amarone Barricata, a spirit very prestigious, with golden notes, made with the white grapes of the winery, made aged in oak barrels, in order to provide the best taste on the palate and the best smell. It is created by following some of the most antique recipes of the winery, so that you can be assured to have on your table a refined spirit of high quality.



Lastly, but not least important, there is the Raffaello Rosso Veronese, a dear wine, robust, but sweet and soft on the palate at the same time. Made with the mix of the best quality wine grapes from the winery, it is produced by using a process that lasts for more than months and months, so that it can be at its best shape on the table. It has the signature style of the Vogadori winery tastes, with its notes of cherries, dried flowers and spices. Once you will have tasted it, you will never forget it.


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