Full bodied red wine: what is meant and how to taste it

If you have to learn about how to taste wine, maybe to show off your experience during an aperitif or a fancy dinner, or even if you just want to discover more about the magic world of wines on your own, recognizing wines and their characteristics is fundamental. Especially when it comes to a nice full bodied red wine, to offer to your friends or to taste while unwinding from work, at night, knowing what kind of bottle of wine we have in our hands is an essential art to unravel.


However, it is not impossible to get all this knowledge about full bodied red wines, since there are countless options online where you can learn all the ropes about this amazing kind of wine. Once you will have known everything that there is to discover about a full-bodied red wine, you will be able to recognize the most special ones and impress your loved ones at the table.

Full bodied red wine: meaning

A full-bodied red wine is a type of wine that has a rich and robust flavor. The term full-bodied refers to the weight and intensity of the wine in your mouth. Typically, these red wines are made from grapes that are high in tannins and have a long aging process.


When drinking a full-bodied red wine, you can expect a complex and intense flavor profile that can include notes of dark fruit, chocolate, and tobacco. These wines are known for their ability to pair well with hearty meals such as steak, pasta, and roasted vegetables.


The body of the wine refers to the sensation you experience when you take a sip. A full-bodied wine will feel heavier and thicker in your mouth compared to a light-bodied wine. This is due to the higher alcohol content and denser texture of the wine.


Overall, a full-bodied red wine is the perfect choice for those who enjoy bold flavors and a strong presence in their glass. Whether you’re looking to impress dinner guests or simply unwind with a delicious glass of wine, a full-bodied red will not disappoint.

full bodied red wines: Amarone della Valpolicella e Recioto


There are many different full bodied red wines to discover in the entire world and to taste. However, to find the best ones to sip on during a meal is not that hard, since they are closer than you think: they are the Amarone della valpolicella classico and the Recioto Della Valpolicella.


Amarone della Valpolicella is a very elegant and complex full bodied wine, with many different undertones to discover, such as vanilla, cherry, chocolate, tobacco, spices, dried flowers and many others. Thanks to its great mix of notes and more than five different kind of grapes, the Amarone can be found on only the finest tables, especially nearby cheeses, meat and strong meals. You can taste on the palate the intense working process that is behind the development of a great wine like this and once you will have tasted it, you will never want to go back.


However, there is also another full bodied red wine that you should certainly try out and you won’t regret it even a little bit, the Recioto della Valpolicella. In fact, you can immediately understand the great marmellated and spirited tones that will make it a complex wine, warm on the palate, but still very tasteful and enveloping. You certainly will get the hard work and passionate research that there is behind even a single bottle of this amazing wine, so you won’t ever regret tasting it.


full body red wine: how and when to taste it


When tasting full body red wine, especially the Best wines on the market, it’s important to take small sips and let the wine roll around your mouth before swallowing. This allows you to fully appreciate the different flavors and characteristics of the wine. Full body red wines are typically high in tannins and acidity, which can give them a bitter or astringent taste. However, with age, these wines become more complex and softer, making them easier to appreciate.


If you’re new to tasting full body red wine, it’s best to start with a lighter variety like Pinot Noir or Merlot, and work your way up to a Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah. Overall, full body red wine can be a powerful and memorable experience, and one that is perfect for sharing with friends and family during special occasions.


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