Waters and wine: never mix them together!

Whenever you are a novice in the world of wines or you already know how to drink red wine and how to pair it with some delicious food, there is one unspoken rule that you must absolutely follow: you should never mix your wines with water, never! Despite its innocent and maybe weird affirmation, at first sight, this is a very important suggestion to follow for various list of reasons.


In fact, mixing wines together with some water can throw away the well-sought efforts of winemakers and wine wholesalers to create a balanced and super refined taste, years of research, and months of the wine-making process, that are all aiming at the perfect goal of creating the perfect red wine or white wine. Behind this imperious sentence, there are very well-deserved reasons to know about and once you will know them, you will definitely understand why you should not do it.

Waters and wine: changes the Wine’s Structure

One first reason that must be pretty evident around the question of mixing water and wine together is certainly this: it changes the wine’s structure and, consequently, the taste of the wine itself. In fact, it is the same aspect that you must be aware of when you ask carefully ‘can you mix red and white wine?’, because you are acting on the same structure of the wine and, therefore, the substance itself. In fact, the chemical structure behind the creation and the aging of the wine will be completely wiped off, along with the hard work of the winemaker, in order to achieve that perfect and precise taste.


Adding water to your wine can have the same aspect as any other structure-changing process, such as the oxygenation of the wine, if not even worst and faster. You must be aware that every single note and aftertaste in the wine is there for a specific choice and reason, so changing it not only it will affect the structure, the taste, and the quality of the wine, but also

Water and wine: It Lowers the Wine’s Quality

The second reason behind why it is not advisable to mix together water and wine is also very easy to think about and understand: the water mixed in the wine will undoubtedly change the quality of the wine and, most importantly, it will also lower it. In fact, every wine connoisseur or wine lover knows some of the basic rules that might transform some normal wines into perfect quality wines. The process of winemaking, as has been already mentioned before, is made by many meticulous steps, in order to create the best and most perfect wine taste, with all the notes at the right spot.


Proprietà organolettiche
Proprietà organolettiche

Making wine is almost like painting a picture, mixing all the colors in the right way, so that the right shades might show up. In the same thought process, putting water in wine can be equated to throwing some mud into the painting, not only ruining the picture but also unraveling all the shading that the painter has done, in order to create its masterpiece. Another reason why the wine’s quality can be damaged by water is also that it doesn’t help your palate to train itself to the wine’s taste, so it only worsens the goal of getting accustomed to wine, when you are not really used to it, so it doesn’t make sense.

Wine and waters: they don’t really mix


FInally, there is a fun fact, that maybe even a lot of wine connoisseurs do not know about it: wine pairing with water doesn’t really work, simply because, as other scientific studies have shown, they cannot really be mixed. In fact, scientists have proven that the many people that try to nurse their hangover by mixing wine with some water, it isn’t really useful, but it only worsens the situation. The only real result that you will achieve, by mixing the two components together, is to simply make a word mix of two liquids, very different from the other that might upset your stomach and make you feel even worse than what you were experiencing before.


Therefore, you should always be very careful, when drinking wine, and mixing it with water. Of course, it can be useful to have a little sip of water, and also to clean your palate between different wine tastings, but you should never use it too much or abuse it, because it can have a negative effect on the wine itself and on you.



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