Red wine benefits

Everyone knows that, whenever you are having a bad day at work or something is going wrong, nothing can beat a nice glass of Italian wines, especially a red one, or a Bianco dei Leoni, that will fix any of your worries. But, why are we attracted by red wines, when we are feeling down and, most importantly, makes us feel better, not just physically, but also mentally. There are a couple of reasons why a nice, full bodied red wine bottle can have the best effect on us and makes us feel better. So, no! you are not imagining it, red wines may have many benefits to you!

Red wine benefits: Rich in antioxidants and Lowers bad cholesterol

One of the secrets that normally wine amateurs and connoisseurs at the beginning might not know is that true, high-quality wines usually have very high levels if antioxidants, such as resveratrol, epicatechin, catechin, and proanthocyanidins, with will help you improve your health.


Another important aspect is that, contrary to popular belief, wine also can be the main factor that lowers your bad cholesterol level, especially if we talk about certain kinds of grapes, such as the Tempranillo grapes, that contain high fibers and consequently help you with the bad cholesterol. Such factors can increasingly be beneficial to your overall health, influencing also your circulatory system, digestive, immune system and many others.

Benefits of red wine: Keeps heart healthy and Regola la Glicemia

As mentioned before, a nice bottle of red wine can help you with cholesterol, which is a really renowned enemy to your cardio-circulatory system and your blood. In fact, one specific antioxidant, present in red wines, that is called polyphenol, can keep the blood vessels cleaner, pumping the blood inside them and regulating your heart. However, you should also consider not drinking too much wine, as it could have the opposite effect and, therefore, make your heart much weaker.


On the other hand, red wine can also help you within the regulation system of your glycemic levels. In fact, one of the oxidants previously mentioned, the resveratrol, contained in grape skins, helps regulate the sugar levels in the blood and decrease them. In other words, your glycemic levels can stay safe and will not affect your overall health and in this case it will be so much easier to just eat as you want. Of course, as always, the key is moderation: not over consume wines, just because of this, because it can provoke the opposite effects and make you feel worse.


Benefit of red wine: Reduces the risk of cancer and Helps treat common cold

Did you also know that a simple glass of Amarone della Valpolicella or another nice red wine can prevent and reduce the risk of cancer? Well, it is real news! The consumption of wine, of course in a moderate rhythm, can reduce the risk of the creation of certain cells, linked to cancer, such as basal cells, colon and prostate carcinoma, ovarian and many others! Plus, it has also been discovered that resveratrol also destroys the key action of cancer-aiding proteins, making you healthier!


Apparently, a glass of red wine can prevent any other disease, just as a medicine, curing even the common cold. The same antioxidants can even protect your cell from the bad effects of free radicals, which that not only are present in colds but also in cancer. In this way, you can treat yourself to a nice glass of red wine, or even white wine such as  Bianco dei Leoni, and every worry about your common cold or other diseases, can disappear in a moment.


Benefits of drinking red wine: Reduces the risk of depression, Has positive effects on the digestive system


The list of benefits that wine can have on your body are not ending yet. In fact, red wines can make wonders even in other parts of your organisms, protecting the health of both your mind and body. Some studies have proven that the consumption of red wines, always in moderate amounts during your everyday life, has also prevented the increase of depression and people who consume alcohol are more likely to avoid such disease.


In the end, as it has been mentioned before, red wine can be beneficial also to your digestive system, since it can be used to treat stomach irritations or other diseases and disorders that might affect your digestive system. It also prevents infection from Helicobacter pylori, which is usually found in the stomach.


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