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The alcohol-free wine is ready!

And here we are in a new adventure: alcohol-free wine, also known as dealcoholic or dealcolated wine or non-alcoholic wine! Yes, you read that right: we are going to bottle a wine, produced by the alcoholic fermentation of our grapes, after having dealcoholized it. A wine without alcohol, at 0 degrees!

Have you to drive? Are you pregnant? Does wine have too many calories? Alcohol-free wine is the answer!

Alcohol-free wines in Italy

In Italy, a product to be called wine must have a gradation of at least 9 degrees (each denomination, then, refers to the specific specification), with some exceptions related to particular denominations. Precisely for this reason the label will show the wording “non-alcoholic drink made from grape must vinified and subsequently dealcoholised” or dealcoholic wine. Italian law prohibits the use of adjectives or nouns before or after the word wine, such as “alcohol-free”, “dealcoholic” or “dealcolated”. The rest of the world calls it “alcohol-free wine” (Vino delacolato in Italian, Vin Sans Alcool in French, Sin Alcool Wine in Spanish, Alkoholfreier Wein in German).

How dealcoholization is done

Dealcoholization is a process by which alcohol can be extracted from alcoholic beverages, including wine. It can be practiced by partial evaporation, distillation or by osmosis, under very delicate pressure and temperature conditions. The techniques are much improved and allow not to alter the tastes and aromas of the wine but extract only the alcoholic part.

Why choose a wine without alcohol

Alcohol-free wine has many advantages and here we are going to list a few:

  • everyone can enjoy (excluding diabetic patients). Even pregnant women. Women expecting a baby have not to drink alcohol, but they have not to forgive the taste!
  • Most of the beneficial substances of the wine are not removed.Polyphenols such as resveratrol with antioxidant, antitumor, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Or polyphenols that can increase the production of endorphins in the brain, improving mood and fighting depression. Antioxidant polyphenols such as quercetin which, especially in women, as a prevention would be able to block estrogens, often the cause of breast or colon cancer in women. Thanks to the antioxidant properties, polyphenols can slow down the aging process in general and specifically, especially for women, that of bones, preventing osteoporosis. All these substances are not removed from the dealcoholization process.
  • It has a reduced value of calories: analyzes indicate that 100 ml of dealcoholised wine returns from 15 to 18 Kcal;
  • You can drive if you have drunk Alcohol-free wine, you can enjoy the full bottle! and drive!
  • It is allowed in states with religious restrictions (see Arab countries) and it is well seen in health-conscious countries, such as Northern Europe.

Essenza 0.0 is ready, you can order the free alcohol wine here!

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  1. Renata Nelson says:

    Sono incinta e per me questo “vino” sarebbe perfetto! Please write when it is ready. Imagino che sarebbe possible mandare in Austria, non?

  2. Stefan says:

    Which ones will be available with 0.0? Did you had a chance to compare the taste of an 0.0 to a regular one?

    Would be interested in the wine too?


  3. NancyH says:

    You exclude persons with diabetes: does this mean that it has a higher carbohydrate content, like grape juice? Do you know what the carbohydrate count is per 100/ml, since you know the calories?

  4. Liam Roche says:

    Hello from Ireland!
    Please let me know when the 0.0 Essanza is available. I would like to order some.

    Regards, Liam

  5. Kenneth Pedersen says:

    I would very much like to try it…
    Please send me an e-mail when you are ready to ship it….
    Will you ship to Denmark?

  6. Bethany Ryczek says:

    I will be in Rome in a few weeks…I travel several times a year between the US & Italy. Are there any enotecas or shops in Rome where I can find your vino dealcolato? Grazie mille x

  7. Michael Eric says:

    I Like to receive continues Update on Your Non Alcoholic Italian wine.
    Our Company do import Italian wine to Nigeria, so we would Like to get updates on your Non Alcoholic Italian wine, along with it’s Prices.

    Grazie mille

  8. Marc Richomme says:

    I would very much like to try it…
    Please send me an e-mail when you are ready to ship it and the price
    Will you ship to France ?

    Gracie mile

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