Pruning vineyard

The pergola before the pruning
The pergola before the pruning

During the winter the main activity in the fields is pruning: it is necessary to cut the branches of the vine that produced the previous year, reduce the length of the shoots that will produce the bunches in this season and leave a spur in the shoot that will lead the fruits the following year. The spur is a branch that is cut but leaves only one bud so it will not produce grapes this year.

We remind you that quality comes from the earth, in fact if we get quality grapes it will then be easier in the cellar to obtain excellent wines! It is very important to take care of the vine with love so that it can produce in “serenity” and a well-done pruning is the first important step in caring for the vine.

Pruning will determine the quality and quantity of the bunches that will be produced. Depending on the vineyard, more or less shoots must be left: it is important to balance both deficits (leaving fewer shoots) and vegetative excesses (leaving an extra shoot).

Pruning Valpolicella vineyards

Our vineyards are planted with pergola veronese. The pergola is a system where the vine shoots rest on wires and form a tent: the bunch will descend under the vegetation which will protect it from adversity or too much sun from the vegetation.


Vineyard pruning

Obviously, at the end of summer, the defoliation must be carried out to allow the sun to reach the berries and thus bring them to ripeness. The pergola allows you to obtain very good quality fruit, as well as having a good aesthetic appearance and offering a useful shelter function. To obtain fruits of the right size and characteristics, however, it is important to reduce the number of buds and consequently the final vineyard production. As already mentioned, the old shoots must therefore be cut in order to always have new branches. 1-2 branches should be left on each side of the pergola for the next harvest, these will go to produce in the next season and 1-2 spurs are left which will be the branches for next year.

When prune the vine

The period for pruning the vine is usually winter, when the plant has completely lost its leaves, it usually starts in December. For young vines it is more suitable to prune at the end of winter, so that it does not freeze and suffers as little as possible.

Amarone Pruning
Amarone Pruning
Invernarl work in the vineyard
Valpolicella pruning











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