Pergola Veronese – Valpolicella vineyards system


In this article I would like to talk about the Pergola Veronese: the way to grow the vine  in our vineyards. This system consists of a series of vertical poles supporting a scaffold positioned slightly oblique. On this scaffold run the iron wires that will support the vine shoots. There are several variations of the Pergola: Semplice, Doppia, Trentina, Veronese and Romagnola. Obviously we use the Veronese one.  

Pergola Veronese

Pergola Veronese
Pergola Veronese doppia

This form of farming provides rather robust and resistant head posts, a series of wires to support the vegetation and intermediate poles to prevent damage to the structure. The vine shoots are placed on the wires at an angle greater than 90 degrees from the ground. Pruning in Pergola Veronese requires that from 1 to 4 shoots of 10-15 buds

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