Italian wine regions: Valpolicella

The Italian territory can be described as a wonderful land, rich of many different gifts that can leave you breathless with its multifaceted tastes and scents, especially when it comes to wines. However, there is one Italian region that outshines the others, because of its fruitful variety of grapes and wines: the wonderful Valpolicella, nearby the city of Verona, in the north of the peninsula. Italian wines from this region are renowned for the variety of wines, from the complex and explosive, but still tasteful scents, that can be paired with any kind of food.

Italian wine regions: Valpolicella

The Valpolicella region has become the pleasant home of many varieties of wines, from red wines and white wines. Valpolicella wine are renowned in the whole sectors of wine connoisseurs, because of the very intense and strong traits, creating a taste that will become unforgettable. Amarone della Valpolicella, Recioto, Valpolicella Classico and many others varieties can be born between the sinuous hills of the Veronese Pre-Alps, and it is all because of the fertility of the land and the countless varieties of grapes that are cultivated there. The processing and mixing of these refined grapes will take to the very awaited result of some of the best wines ever.

Grapes variety


Corvina is a black wine grape variety that is very common and cultivated in the Veronese area of the Valpolicella. Corvina grapes can produce light to medium body wines, with a bright light red color. Naturally, they present a high acidity, but at the finish you can also feel a slight sour-cherry note. This kind of wine can be often aged in barrel wines, in order to create a more complex flavor to the aftertaste.

Italian wine regions


Corvinone is also a very renowned and tasteful variety of red grape, which can be very used in the Veneto region of the Valpolicella. It may be often confused with the Corvina type, which has a similar name and characteristics, but they actually differ a lot. Corvinone grapes produces a much larger and loosely packed fruit, than Corvina, while also creating a denser and more complex flavor. However, these two grapes are often mixed, in order to create wine varieties.


Rondinella is a red wine grape variety, that can also be found in this region, in Valpolicella. This kind of grape is also very commonly used for the production of the Valpolicella and Amarone wines, along with Corvina and Corvinone wine grapes. The grape itself does not have a very strong flavor, but mixed with the other kinds and properly processed, it can create a very special undertone. 


Molinara is another kind of red wine grape that you can find in the Valpolicella region, that is mostly use for the high acidity of their grapes.  In particular, mixed with the other varieties of the Valpolicella grapes, and their high propensity for oxidation, can be quite common in the process for wine. This kind can be blended often with wines, such as Merlots, to produce rosé wines, along with many other delicate and complex wines.

Winery Valpolicella: Fratelli Vogadori

Valpolicella is a great and vast land in the Verona area, in Veneto, that can host different kinds of wineries. A winery Valpolicella can be regarded almost as a vessel for the historical and cultural traditions, each one of them can preserve their own personal preferences and even traditions to follow. That is what it creates that special sensation in the Valpolicella wines: the sense of belonging to the land and the specialty between the shared secrets. 

The winery of Fratelli Vogadori, especially, represents the essence of the Valpolicella territory and its special characteristics. The struggles for following your dreams, the passion for your own land and the will to work every day, in order to keep your traditions alive and spread the words about it, making it more and more known all over the world. The result of these efforts create a true miracle, some gems in the dirt: precious and tasteful wines, such as the Amarone or the Recioto, that can be tasted and appreciated all over the world for their complex undertones and scents, which will recall to everyone the special taste of Italy.

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