Italian extra virgin olive oil

There are many different olive varietals, different production areas in Italy and few quality certifications that is useful to know when reading the label of an olive oil bottle.
The regulation concerning olive oil labelling is very strict and detailed, you can have written on the label “extra virgin olive oil” (olio extra vergine d’oliva), “virgin olive oil” (olio vergine d’oliva), “olive oil” (olio d’oliva).

Verona oil
Olive tree in Valpolicella

And even if they are all made with the same fruit, these oils are very different in quality, acidity, taste and of course price.

Italian extra virgin olive oil: Veneto oil

Verona Oil

The province of Verona is the highest area of ​​the world where it is possible to grow the olive tree for the production of olive oil. There are two production areas certified with the D.O.P .: Garda-Orientale and Veneto-Valpolicella.

Let’s see the differences between the two areas!

Garda oil

This ares is close to the Lake Garda,  a ground rich in sand and pebbles that favors an optimal drainage. It is the area closest to Lake Garda and must have at least 50% of Casaliva or Drizzar variety olives. Instead Lezzo, Favarol, Rossanel, Breed, Fort, Morcai, Trepp, Pendolino can be used for a quantity not exceeding 50%. Garda-Orientale extra-virgin olive oil is an intense green color with slight shades of yellow. Fruity and flavor with hints of sweet almond.

Valpolicella oil

Valpolicella Verona Olive Oil
Verona Olio

The territory of the Dop Valpolicella coincides with the area where there is the  production of ​​the famous red wines D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. (Amarone in the first place). Valpolicella extra virgin olive oil must be produced at least for 50% with Grignano and Favarol fruit olives. It has a yellow color with light green shades for young oils. The scent is complex and fine, with floral, herbaceous and fruity notes with hints of apple. On the palate it is decisive, harmonious and spicy. Veneto-Valpolicella extra virgin olive oil is ideal to be used raw on carpaccio of meat or fish, boiled legumes, grilled meat and grilled fish.

Manual olive harvesting takes place between October and November! Here are the characteristics of our oil.

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