Good red wines to dine

Sometimes, people are not aware of the great importance of a great red wine and, most importantly, they do not know how to choose wine for a special occasion, which is an incredible mistake. In fact, the right bottle of wine might help you enhance the taste and the notes of the dinner just in front of you, but only if you choose wisely the kind of red wine that you are going to drink.


In fact, this is a great way to respect the flavors of your dinner and, according to the dishes that you have decided to dine with, enjoy a nice dinner with the proper taste pairings. If you’re curious about what dishes go best with what kinds of red wines, here’s a small list of suggestions that you might learn, in order to enhance your dinner.

Good red wine: Amarone for important meat and cheese dishes

Before actually tasting and pairing your wine with a nice dinner, you must, first of all, know the wine and all its main characteristics, so that you can pair it perfectly and provide to your friends and to your taste buds a nice explosion of tastes and undertones that cannot be easily forgotten. The first wine that you should absolutely take into consideration, when choosing a good red wine to dine with, is the Amarone della Valpolicella, an important ruby red wine with an excellent blend of grapes and undertones, that will leave you breathless.


This wine is especially chosen with important meats and cheeses dishes, since it can enhance, but at the same time not overpower, the taste of the dishes itself, such as game meats, braised meats, stews and similar dishes. In this way, you’ll be able to have a nice dinner and enjoy your plates as much as you can.

Good red wines: Recioto, the wine to end on a high note

Another wonderful red wine that you could think of incorporating into your dinner should be a nice bottle of  Recioto della Valpolicella Classico. Its intense, sweet but at the same time delicate taste will elevate your dinner in a second, making it fancier and more distinguished at the same time. Its undertones of dark cherry will make your dessert even sweeter, without overpowering the dishes themselves. In a few words, the taste will become unprecedented.


The Recioto della Valpolicella Classico is best paired with dry cakes and cookies, so you should take this into account, before choosing the perfect dessert to pair it with. The balance of the sweet undertones and the juicy aromas can create a perfect mix with drier textures, such as the before mentioned dishes, enhancing the taste of the many grapes, such as Corvina, Corvinone, Oseleta, Negrara and Rondinella grapes. The wine is also produced as the tradition itself has accounted, choosing these grapes by hand and even utilizing the old tools, such as wooden trellises and tapes. This process is a once in a lifetime event, which creates a perfect wine to dine with and will make you forget any other that you might have had on the table, so have a taste of it and produce the perfect ending for a dinner.

Red wine good: Corvina Veronese, authentic fruit of the land

Finally, but not last importantly, another perfect bottle of red wine that you might taste or even give as a gift to your other dinner companions, is the splendid Corvina Veronese. This wine is made with an excellent blend of grapes, such as Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara, but the main ingredient that has been used, in order to provide the best taste, is the Corvina, from the 45% up to even the 95%. The grapes are chosen by hand, following the tradition, and made dry for 30 days naturally, in order to provide only the best.


This kind of wine is perfect for cheeses that might have a sweet or spicy taste or even with important red meats. However, it is also very nice to drink on its own, so it’s the perfect wine to experience during a dinner, or even at the end of it, in order to finish your dishes with a nice surprise. Its perfect body and cherry undertones will make you understand fully the precious blend of tastes that you might enjoy, so don’t waste any other time and enjoy fully this amazing wine, with your family, with your friends or even loved ones, so you won’t ever have to come back to other wines.



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