Corvina Veronese Grape

Corvina grape
Corvina a grape of the Amarone blend

The Corvina Veronese is the main grape in the he Valpolicella wines, in the blend there are also Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara.  In particular, the Corvina can be used with a percentage ranging from 45% to 95%.

Corvina Veronese

Corvina Veronese is a late-flowering and late-mature grape, the cluster has medium size with good compactness and pyramidal shape, very pruinose. With thick skin, intense violet blue color and it is very pruinoso.
The vine has good vigor and constant production, the Pergola Veronese is the ideal breeding form as it allows renewal of the annual trunk and long pruning. It is usually collected from September to October and is perfect for the “appassimento” (raising process).

100% Corvina wine

Corvina Veronese
Corvina Veronese

Corvina is therefore the fundamental basis of the great reds of Valpolicella, and  so we decided to produce a 100% Corvina wine to appreciate its different expressions in colour, flavours  and body.
So we carefully picked it up in boxes, in the photo you see it after 15 days in the “fruttaio” (raising room).
Pressed after 30 days, slow natural fermentation in steel tanks.  Aging in French oak barrels.

The wine produced with this purest grape is intense ruby, very full bodied, fragrant and rich in flavor.
The nose recalls red fruit notes such as cherry, black cherry and spicy notes of incense and pepper, typical scents of Corvina vine. The fruity notes are then balanced by the notes of the raising and the oak aging.
It combines perfectly with game, grilled and stewed meat as well as with hard cheeses as Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano or Monte Veronese Stagionato.

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