Cascate di Molina

Cascate di Molina: the waterfalls park in Valpolicella a few km from Verona

Walking routes

In the town of Fumane, a few kilometers from Verona or Lake Garda, in a large area, measuring almost 80 thousand square meters, rich in waterways, fauna and flora very varied, extends the Park of Waterfalls Molina. The name is due to the mills built near the torrents that flow to the north, from the perennial springs. They produce energy by exploiting the impetuous force of the water, which forms in this area spectacular and scenic waterfalls, originating from the jumps of waterways, all easily visited thanks to specially designed itineraries.

The routes are more than one, as they have different levels of difficulty: some are designed for families, others for more experienced hikers. The itineraries are all ring routes, which can be covered only and exclusively on foot.

There are three routes:

  • green: easy difficulty, length 1.2 Km, suitable for everyone;

  • red: medium difficulty, length 2.3 Km;

  • Black: difficult difficulty, length 3.6 Km, you visit the whole park.

Cascate Molina

How to get to Cascate di Molina waterfalls park

The park is located in Molina, a hamlet of the municipality of Fumane, in the province of Verona. The full ticket for the entrance amounts to 7 euros but there are reductions. Students and members of associations affiliated with the park can enjoy a discount of 1 euro, children and companions of the disabled pay 4.50 euros, while children up to 5 years old and the disabled get in free.

The park opens every day at 9am and closes at 7.30pm, the last entrance is at 5.30pm. Driving along the A22 freeway by car, you will have to exit at Verona Nord, then drive along the whole freeway until San Pietro Incariano and, finally, follow the indications for Molina. You can also reach the town by public transport from Verona or Valpolicella. The most famous resorts of Lake Garda on the Verona side are just a few kilometers from the park, for example: Peschiera del Garda is 34 km away, Bardolino is 30 km away and Lazise is 27 km away.

Parking at the park is free, once left the car is not possible to entertain in the area reserved for the parking of cars or even create assemblages, given the current pandemic situation.

Village of Molina

The village Molina is a beautiful medieval village with old stone houses perfectly preserved. You can therefore make a stop in the village to walk through the ancient streets that lead to the mills and the malga.
In fact in Molina there is a malga. It is called “turnario” because every morning each member had to bring to the malga the milk of their cows, which was processed in turn to obtain cheese. Originally this structure was located in the area behind the church but in 1958 it was moved to the road to Cerna.

The malga is open every Sunday and holidays from 13.30 to 17.00 and it is possible to buy cheese and dairy products. Interesting explanations about milk processing and see how cheese is made.

Flavors and nature, a perfect union

The visitor of Valpolicella will probably also be interested in tasting its characteristic flavors. At the park it is possible to refresh oneself at the Cascate bar, situated at the entrance. There are also comfortable picnic areas along the itineraries, to relax and refresh oneself at will. In the village of Negrar di Valpolicella you can taste every local specialty in taverns and restaurants. We suggest every visitor not to leave without tasting the very famous Amarone della Valpolicella, a delicious nectar, or the other appreciable wines of Valpolicella or of the valley. Many producers open the doors of their cellars to tourists, suggesting itineraries in the local gastronomical history and offering tastings of the typical products. It will be possible, at the end of the visit, to buy the labels they liked the most. Book your winetasting at Fratelli Vogadori!

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