Amarone grapes

Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara

Amarone grapes

The word Amarone does not identify the place where this wine is produced nor the grapes used for its production.

In fact, the Amarone grapes are more than one,  it is a blend of dark berry grapes typical of Valpolicella. The last modification of 2011 to the specification provides for the use of corvina Veronese grapes from 45 to 95% (it is possible to substitute it with corvinone in the maximum percentage of 50%), rondinella from 5 to 30% and a small percentage of other grape varieties dark non-aromatic plants suitable for cultivation in the area.

In our vineyards we have five different grapes for Amarone: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara.

From these five grapes we produce red wines: Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone, Forlago, Raffaello and Recioto. We have only one red wine produced with only Corvina grapes dried for a month.

UVA Corvinone