Rondinella grape

Rondinella grape
Rondinella grape

Rondinella grape is used in the blend of our wines. It is an autochthonous black grape variety used in a complementary way between 5% and 30% in the blend of Valpolicella, Amarone della Valpolicella, Ripasso and Recioto.

Rondinella is a variety with medium budding and medium-late ripening. Medium late means late September or early October. It has good vigor and productivity is constant, also due to the constant fertility of the buds. Very good resistance to the main cryptogams of the vine and to grape rot. Good resistance to water stress and practically zero sensitivity to sunburn of the grapes.

It is a blend that lends itself well to drying ( appassimento ) and allows you to obtain a ruby ​​red wine, with intense, fruity, sometimes spicy aromas and with good softness, body and tannins.

The wines with Rondinella expresses its potential are characterized by an intense ruby ​​red color, with slight purple hues. On the nose they have a fruity and complex bouquet, with notes of ripe red fruits, cherries, tobacco and spices. The tannin is persuasive but decisive and their complex structure makes them perfect wines to be served with grilled meats, stews, on festive Sundays and on special occasions, but also, in the case of Recioto, as meditation wines.

The Rondinella grape presumably owes its name to its very dark color and with blue reflections, similar to the plumage of swallows.

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