Tomato bruschetta

Oil Bruschetta
Oil Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a delicacy common in every region of Italy, it was born as a “poor” dish of the peasant tradition. In fact, the origins of bruschetta, are due to the necessity of using stale bread, because as our grandparents well remember “Throwing away bread is a sin”. The name bruschetta derives from the adjective brusco, which means “toasted”. In some regions bruschetta is still called “pan-unto” in order to emphasize the fact it is basically bread greased with oil.

It is a simple but very tasty dish if quality ingredients are chosen, the two fundamental ones are Extra Virgin Olive Oil and bread.

Extra virgin olive oil (or EVO oil) is the most natural product that can be obtained from the pressing of olives. An oil is defined as extra virgin when it is obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical means, of course it must meet all the parameters of quality. Valpolicella Oil is fruity, delicate with sweet almond fragrances and goes well with this dish.

The bread for the bruschetta can be whole wheat, hard or soft wheat, cereal, rye. Bread in boxes, packaged bread, Arabic bread, bread with milk and oil, rosette and michette are not suitable for this recipe because they cannot be bruschetted properly.

Let’s see now some bruschetta recipes!

Bruschetta garlic and oil: simple and tasty

Cut the bread into slices about half an inch thick, toast them on the coals or in the oven or on an electric griddle on both sides so that they become crispy. Peel a clove of garlic and rub it on one side of the bread slice as desired (either a mild step or a much stronger one for stronger flavors is fine).

Dress the surface of the bread with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, add a pinch of salt and serve while still warm. This recipe goes well with a Molinara Rosato rosé.

Bruschetta with Tomato

Bruschetta recipe
Bruschetta recipe

To prepare tomato bruschetta it is necessary to have some tomatoes or alternatively ready made tomato pulp or puree. Pour the pulp or passata into a bowl adding some basil leaves. Season with some oregano, salt, pepper and oil. Mix everything together and leave to amalgamate for about half an hour.

Toast both sides of the bread slices and then distribute the prepared tomato pulp or tomato puree on the slices seasoning with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This recipe goes well with a white  Garganega Veneto.

These two are the traditional recipes for bruschette but of course there are many: you can use many ingredients such as prosciutto crudo, stracciatella di burrata, seasoned cherry tomatoes, speck, bacon, mortadella and pistachio pesto! As well as all kinds of cheeses, grilled vegetables, sun-dried tomatoes. In any case, they are always quick and tasty recipes to use both for aperitifs and appetizers. In the picture there is a bruschetta with stracchino and mortadella with pistachios!


Tomato Bruschetta
Tomato Bruschetta

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