Molinara Grape

Molinara grape is a typical Valpolicella grape that can also be used in the production of Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto.
It can be used in the composition  in the measure from 5% to 25%, its name comes from the large amount of pruina that covers the berries, so as to seem covered with white flour, as in a old mill . So Mill Grape, Mulinara or Molinara (Molino is the italian for mill).

Grape Molinara
Molinara grapes

Till the 2003 it was used in the blend for the production of the Doc/Docg wines, it was complementary but obligatory. Later it has become optional: even today there are cellars that still use the Molinara for the Amarone prodution and others cellar, like us, which use the Molinara to get a really nice Rosè wine.

They are different years since we  manually select the Molinara bunches to produce a rosé wine, in fact this has always been a perfect grape for the mineral notes that will bring in the wines.

A 100% Molinara wine shows a delicate red cherry color and fresh and fruity aromas, with a note of forest fruits in evidence. In the mouth emerges a light body, limited alcoholity and acidity, while highlighting a marked flavor. During the fermentation the peels are spoken with the only time for a short trial period.

Molinara grape
Molinara grape

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