Immaculate Conception 2017 in Valpolicella

We will be open even during the “Ponte dell’Immacolata”! 🙂

We will be here with the usual opening time  (9-12am 1-6pm including Sunday morning) .

Saturday the 9th of  December 2017 we will have a visit and wine tasting at 10.30am. Firstable we will walk in in the vineyards because to get excelletn wines you need excellent grapes.

It is really important to cultivate the vine respecting the environment. This is why we do not use herbicides nor persticides and no chemical fertilizer: and in the vineyard it can be seen!

Then we will come in the fermentation area where we find the secrets of fermentations with natural yeasts. Of pumpovers and differences between Recioto, Amarone and Ripasso.

In barricaia we will talk about the aging and in the small Forlago cellar we will show you the barrels used for our best Amarone, the Forlago!
From the simplest to the strongest: Valpolicella, Ripasso, Amarone, Amarone Forlago and Recioto.
Of course it is also possible to buy the wines you will taste!
Remember that it also has the extra virgin olive oil produced with the olive trees that you see in the vineyard. This is a small production: it is the oil for the family and the extra is sold in the cellar! Now is avaible also the wine vinegar.


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