Good red wine for gift on every occasion

It’s difficult to know which wine might be the best, especially if we’re talking about how to choose wine, such as a red or a bottle of white wine, to gift to someone on a special occasion. However, you should not worry about it, since there are many different rules that you might follow, in case you struggle with this kind of choice and, most importantly, many options to choose from.


In every case, a great bottle of red wine is always the perfect gift to give to someone, so whenever you feel like you don’t know what to do, going for a strong red is always the right solution. If you still don’t know which one might be the preferred choice, here’s a small list of some bottles of red wine that you might choose, in order to make a great entrance at the party.

Good red wine for gift: Amarone della Valpolicella, the king of Italian red wines


A great red wine that will always make you shine, whenever you might want to gift a nice bottle of wine, is the Amarone della Valpolicella, a great high quality wine that will wow everyone at the party and will make you leave a good impression on the crowd. The Amarone is, in particular, a great bright ruby red wine, with a complex, elegant structure and some garnet highlights. It is produced mainly with dried grapes from Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Oseleta Negrara, in order to provide the perfect mix of taste.


At the palate it has a very intense, warm and spicy bouquet of flavors, with some small but decise touches of vanilla, tobacco, raisins, cherry and chocolate. Its intense flavor is recognizable everywhere, thanks also to its great production system. In fact, the wine is aged for 24 months in french oak barrels and then another 12 months in the bottle, to provide you only the best product on the market. You can offer this kind of wine with meat dishes, such as games, stews, braised meats and cheeses, so that a great mix of flavours can be obtained.

A good bottle of red wine for a gift: Recioto della Valpolicella, a sweet wine for special moments


Another wonderful red wine, that you could offer as a gift to all of your friends and loved ones, is certainly a nice Recioto della Valpolicella Classico. The Recioto is one of the finest wines in our wine cellar, a sweet but very persistent mix of flavors that will impress anyone and will elevate your dinner in a moment. In particular, the Recioto della Valpolicella is a perfect dessert wine, with a nice ruby red color and purple hues, very enjoyable with dry cakes and cookies.


The wine itself is so incredible, especially because of its selection process: in fact, the grapes used to make this wine are still, as the tradition says, chosen by hand, using tapes and wooden trellises. The product is a red garnet, with a sensual and enchanting mix of flavors and tastes, with ripe fruit aromas and great dark cherry tastes. Despite the warm undertone, this red wine is also very refreshing to the taste, so you can give it as a gift and use it for celebrating a special moment, such as parties or great occasions and it certainly won’t miss.

A good red wine for a gift: A wine to keep and to give as a gift to celebrate important milestones


In order to give as a gift a nice bottle of red wine, you must certainly know the wine that you are deciding to gift and all the underlying undertones of the win itself. However, it is still important to talk about about the gesture itself of gifting a good red wine. In fact, giving a nice red bottle of red wine is a nice thought, since it could be used as a symbol to celebrate all the greatest achievements that your friends or the person that you want to dedicate your gift can do.


In a few words, a red bottle of wine is not just a mere gift that you might give to someone, but it is the representation of all the hard work and the sufferance that has been behind a huge sacrifice, in order to achieve said goal. So, let’s toast together to the greatest accomplishments that have happened, all with a great glass of red wine, that might highlight it and enhance it.



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