DeVerona Wine Club

DeVerona Wine Club is a Massimiliano’s project, 30 years of experience in shipping, as owner and Ceo of Veronasped company, worldwide shipping company for wine and food. And Alessandro, 17 years of experience like wine and food tour operator manager and Ceo of Italian Wine Roots. They decided to create a new visionwith the idea that customers must have a full experience to go back with a “little Italy” with them!

From touristic informations, wine tasting at Wine Club, online shop for food and wine, wine tours and transfer services, and worldwide shipping, you can have at disposal their passion to help you!

Which products? Artisanal wines of small wineries of Valpolicella and Tuscany. The great italian extravergin olive oil, craft beers of the area, italian pasta and original Bellini. Chocolate sweets, the great veronese rice, to end with biological italian coffee and italian coffee mechanic machines!

They can manage also the shipping of your wines, look here

Click on wines to choose your bottles! Vogadori cellar has the Valpolicella wines like Valpolicella Classico, Ripasso, Amarone, Recioto, Amarone Forlago. And some igt wines like Garganega, Passito Bianco, Spumante Brut, 100% Corvina, Molinara Rosè, Raffaello and Rita.

So everybody can find his wine: white, red or Rosè. Dry, smooth or sweet. Still or Sparkling.

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