Christmas bottles

Christmas means  warm, family, friends, snowy landscapes, colored lights that warm the heart. The house has the flavor of celebration,  it is full of the smell of spiced biscuits, the lights of the decorations give a new atmosphere, the tables prepared for special occasions are filled with delicacies to be enjoyed with people we love. Everything is ready, he has put on his new sweater found under the tree, she has those heels and jewels t

bottiglie natalizie
Strenne natalizie

hat make her feel wonderful, ready to go out. And what better occasion to share a gift that will give joy to everyone?

The Christmas bottles are perfect to accompany all the moments of the party: the traditional dinner with the family, the evenings of laughter while we exchange gifts with friends, exchange greetings with colleagues, a dinner with a person special. Christmas bottles are also the perfect gift for all occasions, welcome and successful.

Valpolicella, Ripasso, Corvina, Amarone, Recioto and Garganega are the wines enjoyned by everybody!

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