Braised horse-meat

Horse Meat

This is a typical Verona dish which has 1,500 years of history. It seems that in a battle, fought to the east of Verona, at the time of the Goths, remained on the field hundreds of dead horses. The meat given away to the people so they gave rise to this classic dish Verona.

Horse flesh of silverside beef, onion, carrots, white legs chopped celery, minced lard, butter, 1 l. Red wine Amarone of Valpolicella Vogadori Brothers, q.s. flour, salt, pepper, a few cloves, 1 bay leaf, q.s. cinnamon, nutmeg q.s.

Cut the meat into small pieces the horse and leave it to soak in wine for 10/12 hours. In an earthenware dish melt butter and lard, fry the onion, carrot and celery. Remove the meat from the wine, put in pan and sprinkle with two tablespoons of flour. Saute well and season with salt and pepper. Wet the meat with wine, possibly aggiungetene a little during cooking. Let boil on slow and indirect fire for over two hours. The sauce should be quite thick.

The secret of this dish is cooking, slow and very prolonged fire, the meat must discard almost amalgamated with the vegetables. Serve the braised horse meat with polenta. The dressing can also be used to flavor pasta or gnocchi.