Wine and health

Wine and Health: the beneficial properties of wine

red wine benefits

The union between wine and health is one of the good ones, not only for the palate, but also because the organism benefits under many aspects of this ancient table beverage. Wine, as the adage goes, is good for the blood and proverbs always have a fund of truth, in case science keeps on discovering other positive aspects of wine about health.
Red wine is good for you and our grandparents used to tell us this as well, when proud of their work in the family vineyard, they used to taste the first glass and to toast to a successful harvest.
Today we have the confirmation that at a nutritional level wine has many qualities, but only in case it is consumed in the right quantities, therefore with moderation.
One of the qualities recognized to a red wine such as Valpolicella Classico, is to contain a certain beneficial quantity of antioxidants.
This means it helps to keep young and to fight the action of free radicals. The effect is reflected both on the appearance, with a young skin, and inside the body by helping organs to function optimally.
An antioxidant red wine such as Recioto della Valpolicella Classico DOCG, which is traditionally associated to desserts, will also be an excellent adjuvant for the prevention and slowing down of neoplasms, thanks to the fact cells stay young and are able to fight at their best against these pathologies.
A similar characteristic of red wine is given by the presence of resveratrol, which is part of the renowned polyphenols, which also help in fighting cardiovascular diseases and degenerative brain diseases.
Specifically, drinking wine in moderation is a good way to keep arteries free from the sedimentation of atherosclerotic plaques and also to help the mind to be vigilant and reactive for a longer time, even in old age.
To this must be added the capacity of this beverage, appreciated since ancient Romans, to reduce harmful fats, such as cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as keeping glycemic peaks under control.
The main consumers of wine with a percentage which is almost 90%, according to recent studies, are the ones belonging to the age range from 55 to 70 years old and this gives hope for the maintenance of a healthy and young population. The percentage slightly decreases for younger people, however it is a common belief that wine is a symbol of culture, identity, tradition and elegance. As to say that where there is wine there are the roots of everyone’s history. Health is a primary good and wine contributes to promote it with other benefits.

A panacea for the body

Alcohol free wine calories

If it is true that wine and health go hand in hand, it can be easily said it is a panacea for the body.
To the benefits already mentioned, we can also add the anti-inflammatory red wine, capable of relieving painful conditions and inflammations at any level.
In this regard some studies have shown how it can prevent rheumatic pains, thanks to substances such as caffeic acid and tyrosol.
To this we can also add a favorable effect against the formation of gallstones, also preventing very annoying cholinergic episodes.
Among the positive effects appreciated by wine drinkers it should not be neglected the fact it stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins, otherwise known as “good mood hormones” or happiness hormones.
Drinking a glass of wine at lunch and one at dinner means favoring a good approach to life in general.
It is also useful for the ones who suffer from depressive states, representing an effective push towards a healthy optimism.
There are also those cases in which wine causes headaches because of the level of alcohol, but in the continuous search for innovation and satisfaction of all customers, it was also created wine the alcohol free wine.
It is a revolutionary product that allows not to renounce to the goodness of wine in particular conditions, such as during pregnancy or for the ones who follow a low-calorie diet.
At this link you will find all the information about the production and bottling process as well as the properties of this wine that will surprise you, just like the best products of the winery.

Wine and health: how to consume it without exaggerating

White wine properties and contraindications

Wine is good for the health only in case it is consumed without exaggerating and for this reason it is good to know the quantities not to be exceeded and the consequences to be faced in case it is used above average.
The necessary condition is the choice of quality wines, which can guarantee against any adulteration and addition of harmful substances.
In some wines is added metabisulfite which is a substance derived from sulfur dioxide and sometimes responsible for the irritation of the bowel.
In white wines the concentration of sulfites is proportional to the fact they are more subject to oxidation. This is why we suggest to buy quality white wines bottles!
The exaggeration in drinking wine inevitably affects the functionality of the liver, as a matter of fact in alcoholics it can be compromised.
Wine must accompany and exalt dishes and the right quantity is also important in order not to accentuate the contribution of the sugary component.
This table beverage, which is part of the Italian and worldwide enogastronomical excellence, attracts crowds, enriches production with new stimuli and transversally joins the taste of every wine lover at any latitude.
The secret is to know how to make the best use of it in the tasting, in the quantity, but mainly in the choice of quality which makes it gratifying and adds value to every dish.

Let’s underline that wine always contains alcohol and it should be consumed consciously!


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