Fratelli  VOGADORI is a family winery in  Negrar,  the heart of the Classico area of the Valpolicella. Fratelli is the italian for brother: Alberto, Gaetano and Emanuele work together  their vineyards and   produce the great wines of this generous land.


Valpolicella, Ripasso, Recioto, Raffaello and  Amarone wines are appreciated all around the world.
The passion for the land started with our grandfather and later our father Raffaello.
Our wines are “environmentally-friendly”: no chemical fertilitation, no chemical treatments, no insecticide and no herbicide.
It’s really important to respect the environment to get good wines! Also for the energy: we use only the one produced by the  photovoltaic panels on the winery roaf.
The  respect for the environment is essential to get quality wines.