Amarone Grazie: the meditation wine

We have two Amarone styles: the traditional Amarone which must be dry, tannic, with an excellent structure in order to be matched with an excellent meat or hard cheese. In the best years we produce the Grazie from the best grapes we have in our land!

The Amarone Grazie is a meditation, to be tasted in the most important days in order lunch for the pleasure of relaxing with a good glass of wine.

It is characterized by a complex bouquet characterized by fruity notes and at the same time roasted notes.

Vintage 2017.

5 reviews for Amarone Grazie

  1. Italian

    Francesco Bruno

    Amarone da meditazione prodotto solo nelle migliori annate: sentori di cioccolato, ciliegia, vaniglia, liquirizia. Favoloso!

  2. English


    Top Amarone from this cellar, it helps to meditate!

  3. English


    Probably the best wine I have tasted. (year 2004 I think it was)

    • English

      Fratelli Vogadori

      It is our best wine! 🙂 See you soon Peter!

  4. English


    I had the oppotunity to taste 2004 yesterday. Wau!

  5. English

    Emma & Keith

    A fantastic wine! They’re top wine for a reason. One of the best we have tasted. Truly, a very special bottle.

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