Risotto with Amarone
Risotto with Amarone

Risotto Amraone

Risotto with Amarone is one of the most popular dishes of the Veronese culinary tradition, the cutting edge of many renowned restaurants in the city. In it are combined three of the products of excellence of the territory: the wine Amarone prdouced in Valpolicella, the rice Vialone Nano produced in the south of Verona and the cheese Monte Veronese produced in Lessinia.

Here what you need:

Heat the Amarone. In a saucepan with half the butter, marrow, or the oil, brown the onion. When the onion gets golden brown, add the rice and toast over medium heat for a few minutes while continuing to stir vigorously. Salt and pepper lightly. Slowly add the Amarone.

Complete the cooking over high heat, adding the hot stock a little at a time as you consume and stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Add salt if necessary. Cooking depends on taste, but the grain should maintain a certain consistency. Turn off the heat and stir vigorously stirring and adding the remaining butter and the grated Monte Veronese. Many could cry her heart to use the “precious” Amarone as a cooking wine. At first glimpse, however, you will understand that it is worth it.