Ponte di Veja Bridge – Valpolicella

The Veja bridge is an attraction not very well known but worth visiting for those coming to Valpolicella. It is located in the municipality of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo (VR), below the district of Crestena and the hamlet of Giare.

It is 12 km from Negrar and can be reached by taking the SP12: after passing the hamlet of Fane you arrive at a crossroads where the cheese producer Corrado Benedetti and the Ristorante Croce dello Schioppo are located, going straight ahead you will reach Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo but for the bridge you have to turn right.
You then exceed the small town of Giare and you will arrive at a convenient parking where there is a tank “parked” in a corner. Parking is free as is the entrance to the bridge.

Once the car is parked, walk down a small white road next to the restaurant. The bridge can be reached with a 5-minute journey. It is a natural arch with an arch of about forty meters, a minimum thickness of nine meters and a width of twenty meters. It is really impressive and during the hot summer there is a much cooler temperature! There are several paths to be done on foot even for several hours but the visit to the bridge is suitable for everyone.

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