Ponte di Veja: a natural rock arch of 40 meters

Ponte di Veja in Lessinia

The Veja bridge is an attraction not very well known but worth visiting for those coming to Valpolicella. It is located in the municipality of Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo (VR), below the district of Crestena and the village of Giare. It is in the north of Negrar di Valpolicella.

Ponte di Veja parking
Ponte di Veja parking with the tank

It is 12 km from Negrar di Valpolicella and it can be reached by taking the SP12: after passing the village of Fane you arrive at a crossroads where there are the cheese producer Corrado Benedetti and the Ristorante Croce dello Schioppo, if you go straight you reach Sant’Anna d’Alfaedo but for the bridge you have to turn right. Go forward  the small town of Giare and you will arrive at a  large parking area where there is a tank “parked” in a corner. The parking is free as is the entrance to the bridge.

When the car is parked, walk down a small white road next to the restaurant. The bridge can be reached in a 5-minute.

Ponte di Veja path

Ponte di Veja
Ponte di Veja arch

It is a large natural arch of rock resulting from the karst erosion of the surrounding limestones. Originally it was a huge cave with a series of internal galleries corresponding to the caves that today crown the sides of the bridge. It is possible to walk the easy path around the bridge and appreciate the wealth of resources that have attracted man here since ancient times: water, caves and shelters, flint and other rocks suitable for chipping. Different environments rich in fauna available to groups of hunter-gatherers of more than 100,000 years ago.

Ponte di Veja
Ponte di Vaja panorama

The arch is forty meters large, it has a minimum thickness of nine meters and a width of twenty meters. It is really impressive and during the hot summer there is a much cooler temperature! There are several paths to be done on foot even for several hours but the visit to the bridge is suitable for everyone.

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