Molinara Rosato – Rosè Wine

Fruity, fresh and mineral

Molinara Rosato

The Molinara is a rosé wine made from 100% Molinara grapes where fermentation was made with only the must without the skins. So the wine has a beautiful rosy color and does not become a red. It is a summer wine, fresco, mineral to be served between 11 and 16 degrees. In family or aperitif, with delicate dishes, fish and soups.

Production area: NEGRAR(Classic and Historic Valpolicella).

Grapes: Molinara.

Kilograms of grapes: 4 kg/vineyard.

Winemaking: Same vinification of Valpolicella but with only the molinara grape

Aging: The Rosato is a mineral wine, very fruity for this reason is aged in stainless steel tanks. We use synthetic corks to preserve the freshness.

Alcohol content: 12% Vol.

Organoleptic test: Soft, very fresh and spicy with a bitter note in the final Intense, fragrant, floral and fruity. Good persistence.

Accompaniments: Appetizer, delicate dishes, fish, soups.

Service temperature: Between 11 and 16°C

Molinara Vino
Vino Molinara
Molinara Rosè
Molinara Rose wine
Molinara Veneto
Molinara Rosatio