Magnalonga Settembrina 2018 Event


Magnalonga Settembrina
Magnalonga Settembrina

Magnalonga is a special event in Valpolicella, we are close to Magnalonga Settembrina 2018, only few days and there will be the annual appointment in Valpolicella with the Magnalonga Settembrina. It will take place on the first Sunday of September and will be the 16th edition of the Magnalonga Settembrina: an enogastronomic walk in Negrar, between the vineyards and the cellars. Along the way there will be several step and in each there will be a typical dish paired with local wines. The classic Valpolicella will accompany the antipasto plate, the Risasso risotto, the Valpolicella Superiore with the traditional Veronese dish “pasta and beans”, Amarone will be paired with the second while the Ripasso will be served with the Valpolicella Ripasso cheeses . Finally, the dessert with the inevitable Recioto.

Here is the program of the Magnalonga Settembrina 2018:

– Meeting of participants in the morning, at the tent, delivery of “lunch vouchers” and various gadgets.

– Departure of the 1st group at 10.00

– The other departures will follow each other every 10 minutes

– The “lunch voucher” allows tasting of the indicated dishes and wines.

– the undulating course of about 8 km

– Event ends at 18.00

Here are the stages of the path of the Magnalonga Settembrina 2018:

Departure: Negrar

Tasting of local products:

mixed meats from the Coati salami factory and Lessinia cheeses

1st stage: loc. Saga

Bruschetta with Turri extra virgin olive oil

2nd stage: loc. Ca ‘Salgari

Polenta tanning with mushrooms

Wine: Valpolicella Classico

3rd stage: loc. Crosara

Risotto with Tastasal

Wine: Valpolicella Classico Ripasso

4th stage: Jago

Pasta and beans

Wine: Valpolicella Classico Superiore

5th stage: Corte Vason-Caprini

Beef stew with vegetables

Wine: Amarone Classico della Valpolicella

6th stage: Villa

Cheeses with local jam

Wine: Valpolicella Classico Ripasso

7th stage: loc. Calcarole

Ice cream

8th stage: San Peretto

Settembrina cake with sfogliatina al Recioto

Wine: IGT Veneto Rosso Passito

Arrival: Negrar


Our winery will be open all day and at 10.30 there will be a guided tour!

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