Corvina Veronese Appassimento – Drying grape

100% Corvina: smooth, fruity and full body wine

Corvina Veronese

The Corvina Veronese is the main grape in the he Valpolicella wines, in the blend there are also Corvinone, Rondinella, Oseleta and Negrara.  In particular, the Corvina can be used with a percentage ranging from 45% to 95%.

We have so selected only the best Corvina clusters and collected in boxes where they naturally dry for 30 days.

Here the charateristics:

Production area: NEGRAR (Classic and Historic Valpolicella).

Grapes: 100% Corvina

Kilograms of grapes: 3 kg/vineyard.

Harvest: Using the technique of Amarone; selection of the best grapes in small boxes where they dry for 30 days to naturally concentrate the wine we will ge

Winemaking: The fermentation takes place in steel containers using natural yeasts present nell’uve and it takes about 15 days. Three times a day is made for the replacement extract as much from the pomace.

Organoleptic test: Ruby red color, cherry flavours, smooth in the mouth. It is a full body wine but really elegant and really plasury to drink!

Accompaniments: Very good with sweet or  spicy cheese. Excellent with game or red meat like a Ripasso. It is smooth so you can enjoy also just by itself.

Service temperature: Between 16 and 18°C.

Alcohol content: 14% Vol.

Here Tommaso’s opinion on the new Corvina wine!

Corvina Verona
Corvina Veronese in Purezza da uve appassite